9 Weird Things Babies Do and Why

9 Weird Things Babies Do and Why

Have you ever noticed weird things babies do and wondered why do they do those things? We answer your curiosities here.

If you have ever noticed the weird things babies do (including your own little one!) and wonder to yourself, “What on earth did I give birth to?”… well, don’t worry, just laugh it off! Chances are your baby is totally normal and this is just part of the strange list of things babies do!

So why do babies sometimes behave strangely? Well, they have zero life experience and are familiarising themselves with the world. The seemingly weird things in the list of things babies do are mostly part of their learning process.  

List of things babies do: 9 weird habits

1. They touch themselves… a lot

This is entirely normal! If you’re in the midst of changing your baby’s diaper and their hands wander down to their private parts, this is totally normal. Even if they do this throughout the day, there isn’t anything to worry about. They are exploring their own bodies and getting to know themselves better. There is nothing wrong with this and they will grow out of it. 

2. Random jerky movements when falling asleep

Have you ever fallen asleep and dreamed that you were falling and then wake up because of the jerk? Babies experience this too! So don’t be alarmed if your little one is falling asleep and they suddenly jerk and push their arms out to the sides. This is called the Moro reflex. 

3. They stand… but don’t sit

list of things babies do

In the list of things babies do, one of the weird things babies do: is standing up in their cribs in the middle of the night!

When your baby is about to hit their first birthday, you might walk into their room in the middle of the night to their cries and find them standing. If this happens, chances are, your little one has learnt to stand but not yet learnt how to sit.

Sitting is a skill babies should learn on their own, so don’t be too quick to help them. During the day, let them practice sitting and standing so when it happens at night, they are able to sit down and go back to sleep. 

4. The excessive hiccups

The first time your baby hiccups you might think it is the cutest thing in the word. But two or three hiccups turn into two or three MINUTES of hiccups and you’re wondering if this is normal. Yes it is!

Infant hiccups are a bit of a mystery but there is a theory that since they are still learning to breathe and swallow, it isn’t fully synchronised yet and this may cause hiccuping. Nursing or giving a bottle might help. 

5. The tight grip

Has your baby ever grasped at your finger as though he was holding on for dear life? Scientists believe that this is an involuntary reflex inherited from our ancestors when holding on tightly to one’s mother was necessary for survival.

In fact, research shows that when a baby grips his mum’s finger, his heart rate slows down too, putting him in a relaxed state. 

6. The head-banging

If you catch your baby hitting his head against his cot repeatedly, this is (while shocking at first) also normal.

Many experts think that this motion could be soothing as it involves rocking back and forth as well as stimulates your baby’s developing sense of motion and balance. But if you’re worried he’s going to hurt himself, just ensure his cot is well-padded!

7. Making weird noises

Some babies snore, some are very quiet. But some babies make the weirdest noises and you wonder if there is anything else in the room making those noises.

Don’t be too startled by the odd noises you hear. Babies sputter, whistle, groan and make other cute (but sometimes unnerving) noises while they are breathing or sleeping. 

8. Crawling backwards

Michael Moore told Larry King (and the rest of the world) that he was strange as a child because he crawled backwards until he was two. But this isn’t strange at all. In fact, it’s common for a baby’s arms to be stronger than his legs at first, causing him to use his arms push backwards rather than use his legs to push forward.

9. Sneezing even though they aren’t sick

Your baby is still building up his immunity to many, many stimuli in this world. Sneezing is his body’s way of banishing foreign unwanted particles in his nasal passage. Sometimes when you take your baby out on a bright sunny day and he starts sneezing, this might actually be from the sun—and not allergies. This is known as a photic sneeze. 

So, there you have it – a list of things babies do, most of them quite strange. Can you add to our list? 

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Written by

Sarah Voon

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