Is Lina Ng a 'Lion Mum' in real life?

Is Lina Ng a 'Lion Mum' in real life?

In Lion Mums 2, Lina Ng plays Chae Lian, who constantly expects perfection from her children. Is Lina Ng a 'Lion Mum' in real life too?

National Day 2017 saw the premiere of Lion Mums 2. This season, apart from Bernice Liu, Nurul Aini and Vanessa Vanderstraaten, a new Lion Mum has joined the star cast – Lina Ng.

Singaporean actress and host Lina Ng entered the media-entertainment industry after finishing 1st runner-up in the local talent-search competition Star Search in 1993. In 2004, Ng married Mike Lam, a PE teacher, and the couple have three sons who are 13, 11 and 6.

Lina took a 13- year break from showbiz to look after the kids, with just the occasional hosting and acting gigs. Lion Mums 2 is is Lina’s first foray into English drama. In the series, Lina plays Chae Lian who is an elitist mother who expects perfection from her children. 

So is Lina Ng a Lion Mum in real life? Let’s find out from her!

Lina Ng

How were you raised as a kid? What parenting style did your parents follow?

Lina Ng: “We (my 2 brothers and I) were very independent. My parents were busy with work, so we had to learn to do many things by ourselves at a very young age like making our own breakfast, walking to school, cleaning up and washing dishes after meals.

My parents taught us many good values like responsibility, being hardworking, independent, and being respectful to others. They led by example so those values became very real to us. My parents were also very strict and did punish us with a cane, but we knew that they loved us dearly.”

Was it tough to get back to work after becoming a mum? What were the challenges, especially in the media industry when one is constantly in the limelight?

Lina Ng: “I think every working mum faces challenges; getting back to the workplace while trying our best to care for our family. Time management is my forte, honed over the years through my disciplined lifestyle.

I plan my days and strictly adhere to my time-table. It works well!

The planning also includes time for me to improve or upgrade the skills I need for my job. For example, searching for related articles to share when doing my radio shows; practising and memorising my scripts a day or two before onsite filming.”

How do you balance work and family time?

Lina Ng: “We don’t have a helper so hubby and children have to help out with the household chores. I usually take up jobs which fall during school hours so I can send the boys to school in the morning and be back for dinner.

If I’m not tired, I’ll cook for them. 

 Here are my tips:

  • ‘Me time’ is important to maintain your sanity. Have it once a week.
  • Draw up a time-table for the children to follow. It helps to build their discipline. Make sure there’s a good balance of revision/homework and play time.”


Lina Ng

Real [Lina Ng with her family] vs. Reel [Chae Lian with her family in Lion Mums 2]

So, is Lina Ng a ‘Lion Mum’ in real life? How different or similar are you from Chae Lian in Lion Mums 2?

Lina Ng: “Well, both Chae Lian and Lina discipline their children with a cane. Both are very involved in bringing up their children. 

The difference is that Lina’s hubby is always around to help parent the children. Chae Lian’s husband isn’t, as her hubby is stationed in China and she has to do most things on her own. 

Lina encourages her children to do their best. Chae Lian ‘trains’ her children to be the best.”

What’s your tip on picking a primary or secondary school as a mum ?

Lina Ng: “Good to pick a primary school with affiliated secondary school… saves your worries during PSLE.”

Lion Mums 2 airs on Mondays – Thursdays from 10 -11pm, on Channel 5.

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