Lin Peifen Welcomes Second Son On Mid-Autumn Festival

Lin Peifen Welcomes Second Son On Mid-Autumn Festival

Hey, Jude!

Lin Pei Fen and husband welcomed their second son on Thursday (October 1), just in time for the Mid-autumn Festival.

 The YES 933 DJ shared the news on her social media, along with a photo of baby boy Jude.

Lin Pei Fen, Husband Welcome Second Son

In an Instagram post, Pei Fen wrote in Chinese the hashtag "zhu ni zhong qiu jie kuai le", which means wishing you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, but replaced the word 'zhu' with "Jude."

Pei Fen and her husband, computer engineer Lie Wei Xiang, first shared they were going to be second-time parents on 20 Jul. She said she found out that she was pregnant in February. Pei Fen and her husband already have a son, Luke, who is five years old.

In a previous interview with theAsianparent, her pregnancy this time around was "quite similar" to the previous one, except for the part that she and her family were stuck at home during the Circuit Breaker.

“I didn’t throw up. I didn’t have a lot of episodes of [feeling nauseated]. But the things that I experienced in my first pregnancy seem to have come back in the same way and more. Like oedema—the swelling of the hands and legs because of water retention—is worse this time,” Pei Fen said.

She also said she is no longer constantly Google-ing things and reading about what can go wrong. “I used to Google and Google, and worry about everything, and I just couldn’t sleep!”


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Hey Jude. #Jude你中秋节快乐 ??

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