Is There a Limit to the Number of C-sections Mums Can Have?

Is There a Limit to the Number of C-sections Mums Can Have?

Have you ever wondered about the number of C-sections safe for mothers to have? Read on to learn more!

Nowadays, C-sections are becoming more and more commonplace as some mums opt to have C-sections instead of natural births.

And for mums whose first child was born through a C-section, there's a 90% chance that their second child will also be delivered via C-section.

How many C-sections are safe for mums to have?

For the most part, there's really no clear-cut answer when it comes to how many C-sections are safe.

However, doctors agree that the more C-sections that women have, the greater the risk.

Dr. Marra Francis shares, "Typically, one or two cesareans do not have any significantly increased risks to either mother or baby." Additionally, the Mayo Health Clinic shares that the risk increases after a woman's third C-section, but there's no set number of 'safe' caesareans.

What are the risks?

Here are the risks that come with repeated C-sections:

  1. Scarring - each time you have a C-section, there will be external as well as internal scarring. A buildup of those scars can make your next C-sections difficult.
  2. Problems with your placenta - after repeated C-sections, your placenta can sometimes implant itself too much in your uterus, or sometimes even cover the opening of your cervix.
  3. Bladder or bowel injuries - While not necessarily a common occurrence, these do come with repeated C-sections.
  4. Excessive bleeding - excessive bleeding is a risk that comes with C-sections, and as the amount of C-sections increase, so does the risk of excessive bleeding. In some cases, it can even require a hysterectomy wherein the uterus is removed.

At the end of the day, it's important to talk to your doctor and take their input into consideration on whether or not you want to have a C-section or a natural birth. That way, you can weigh both of the options and figure out what would be best for you and your child.

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