To my first love Mummy, from your newborn baby

To my first love Mummy, from your newborn baby

"I know your voice so well. It’s sung me a thousand songs and whispered tender words of love right from my first day with you." What else would a newborn tell his mummy if he could speak? Read this sweet article now to find out...

Hi mum, it’s nice to finally meet you (even though I can’t see that well yet).

I’m just a few days old but it feels like I’ve known you forever. I’ve heard your voice from even before I was in my safe space in your tummy, asking me to come and be your baby. To choose you. So I came to you.

I know your voice so well. It’s sung me a thousand songs and whispered tender words of love right from my first day with you.

I know your touch. I know it from the many times you ran your hands gently over me while I was still in your belly. Remember how I used to wriggle my bum-bum when you tickled your tummy in a certain spot? That was me showing you that I feel you.

Now, I get to feel your gentle arms holding me for real, and it feels like home.

Everything you do for me – despite most of them being firsts for you – you do it right, even though others may tell you it’s not so.

You know the time when I was less than an hour old and you placed me on your chest with the hope that I would latch on to your breast… and I didn’t.  And a-mah said you were doing it wrong, that I would starve, and to give me some water or formula?

You were right to tell her to give us some more time to get it right, even though I felt your anxiety. I didn’t want water or formula – I wanted your yummy milk.

But I didn’t latch on at the time because I was tired after being born and just wanted to rest against your soft skin, breathing in your scent. And then, because your listened to that age-old wisdom in your heart and mind that was born with me, I latched on.

See mummy, you were already following your instincts, even though this whole mothering business was brand-new to you.

letter from your newborn

“You will always be my guiding light, Mummy”

I know I will test your mothering skills time and time again, to the point that sometimes, you might even doubt yourself.

Let me tell you something, mummy.

I understand that you are anxious about looking after me – you, who have never even touched such a wee being in your life. Please stop worrying, mummy. In my eyes and heart, you can never do any wrong.

Don’t be scared to bathe me for the first time or carry me often. I’m tougher than I look and with your firm hand behind my neck and your other arm cradling me, I know no harm can come my way.

I may not be able to tell you this, but you’ll see it in my body language. It’s the way I relax when you touch me. It’s how I stop crying when you hold me.

Mummy, I also see how tired you are and I am sorry. I know for such a tiny human being I am very demanding. It’s only because you are my whole world right now and only you know how to do things just the way I like them.

I’m sorry I don’t let you sleep much at night. In the night, I get this really strong urge for your touch and of course my favourite food ever – yummy milk. I think that in a few months’ time I’ll sleep better and for longer. Please be patient until then, mummy.

Always follow your beautiful heart when it comes to my first months of life. I love being close to you, snuggled in your arms. I wish I could stay like this forever. Please don’t ignore me when I cry, despite what others might tell you that some tears won’t harm me.

You see, crying is the only way I can tell you now that I need you, that I need some extra cuddles, some more of your delicious milk, or I just need to be in your arms, quietly. When I cry and you don’t pick me up, it won’t harm my body but it hurts my heart.

I won’t be this tiny or this demanding for long, promise. And I will miss these days as I grow older. I’ll miss your undivided attention, and your adoring gaze full of amazement as you look at my face. You might miss these days too (even though you probably won’t miss the sleepless nights).

A wise person once said, “you cannot buy happiness, happiness is born”. I hope I bring you happiness always.

And you, darling Mummy, will always be my guiding light.

If your newborn could talk, what would he or she tell you? Do share your thoughts in a comment below. 

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