Lessons for kids from the FIFA World Cup 2014

Lessons for kids from the FIFA World Cup 2014

Find out what lessons can be taught to kids from the FIFA World Cup 2014, courtesy of a Facebook post shared by Bertha Henson - an ex-journalist who now blogs at http://berthahenson.wordpress.com/.

fifa world cup 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014: What lessons can we teach our kids from this football fever?

I may not be a big football fan, but while going through my Facebook timeline this morning, a World Cup related post shared by Bertha Henson caught my attention. What was even more bizarre was that I found myself, as a parent, whole-heartedly agreeing with the points she raised in the post.

Bertha was a journalist with the Singapore Press Holdings for 26 years, and her last designation was Associate Editor of The Straits Times. She now comments on reported news on her blog, Bertha Harian.

In her Facebook post today, Bertha shared how the World Cup can be used as a platform to teach kids about the various aspects and concepts of the world that they live in.

fifa world cup 2014

Thanks to the FIFA World Cup 2014, your kid may finally be able to recognise the flags of various countries.

Here’s the content of Bertha’s Facebook post that caught my attention:

“I been thinking that the World Cup is a great chance for teachers to teach the kids about…

GEOGRAPHY, like where is Costa Rica? You mean there is a Central America? And it has fewer people than Singapore? Which means we got chance at World Cup too?

HISTORY, like how Three Lions have nothing to do with the founding of Singapura and how real Samurais don’t actually wear Blue. And they are not called Le Bleus

CIVILITY, but more OFF pitch than ON pitch, with the Japanese fans leading the way by cleaning up after themselves

FIRST-AID, Ronaldo-style with ice pack on wounded knee, soon to be fashion statement

NUMBERS, especially of the betting kind

fifa world cup 2014

Through the World Cup fever, you can teach your kids about the national anthems of the world – while telling them the significance behind our Majulah Singapura!

CONSPIRACIES, by engaging in a discussion on whether the matches are fixed with suspect refereeing. And to explain that kelong is also place to catch fish

COURAGE of the Luis Suarez kind, my latest hero.

COLOURS, by identifying teams by their jerseys, except that I think teams usually use two types?

NATIONAL ANTHEMS of other countries, after telling them exactly what our own Majullah Singapura means

That you can never judge a book by its cover (that is, Spain), that having fame and fortune doesn’t mean you’re a winner (that is, England), that superpowers also need foreign talent (like USA). And finally that group hugs by grown men are okay, regardless of sexual orientation and lifestyle choice.”

Do you agree with the points raised by Bertha Henson in her Facebook post? What other things can you teach kids from the FIFA World Cup 2014 fever? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below!

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Justina Goh

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