LEGO Friends.. A building block for friendship!

LEGO Friends.. A building block for friendship!

LEGO are no longer just for boys. We are loving the new girlish LEGO Friends sets and extension kits. Plus, the friendship concept behind it!

Ask anyone around you to describe LEGO, and at least one would say it’s a gender-specific toy. Some girls might grow up playing LEGO blocks but many would agree those LEGO sets were designed with boys in mind.

Yonks years ago when I was little, I remember just watching my brother putting together LEGO blocks, but I wasn’t interested to join in. Didn’t find the idea of building with basic colour-schemed blocks enticing. Until recently.

LEGO kits can’t get anymore girlish than the LEGO Friends range!

Collect the adorable LEGO sets of the 5 Heartlake City friends– Mia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie and Olivia.

LEGO Friends.. A Building Block for Friendship!

Available at all Toys’R’Us stores. Visit LEGO.COM/Friends for more information, online games and fun downloads for apps. Prices range from S$7.90 – S$129.90.

Read on to find out how you can score a limited-edition LEGO Friends Diary..

The pinks and violets are enough to make any little girl want to rip open the box. My little one did exactly that! And once she started, we had to pry them off her fingers at dinner time.

LEGO Friends.. A Building Block for Friendship!

Spend a minimum of $60 on LEGO Friends products in a single receipt and submit a photo of the receipt, together with the purchaser’s name, address, product code and contact number to [email protected] before 31 January 2014, to get a free limited-edition Friendship Diary.

She also loved her new limited-edition LEGO Friends friendship diary. Diaries are fantastic for kids to pour their feelings and thoughts into, and it’s absolutely great for when she starts primary 1 in January. I had a look at the diary and quite amazed at the activities it contains– stickers, artwork and interactive games. I want one too!

LEGO Friends.. A Building Block for Friendship!

I love how it instills team work and interaction.

Before bed, she picked up where she left off, and this time invited her brother along. See, you usually wouldn’t be able to get him to play with girlish toys. But ’cause there’s still a boyish element to it, he looked past the pinks and violets.

It’s lovely to see LEGO promoting interaction between friends and family. It gave me another reason to put off doing the dishes and spend a bit more bonding time with the kids. Even got daddy involved!

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