LEGO goes local to celebrate Singapore’s unique culture

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What does Singapore mean to you? For visitors to Singapore, the major symbol of Singapore is Marina Bay Sands but for Singaporeans, being Singapore is about something much closer to home-- Singapore’s unique food culture.

In a country where many influences converge to make up its unique culture, it can be hard to pinpoint what identifies Singapore as being Singaporean. But undoubtedly, the place where Singapore’s disparate cultures reach a crossroads and develop something new is with the island’s distinct food culture.

LEGO goes local to celebrate Singapore’s unique culture

The foodie scene in Singapore

LEGO goes local to celebrate Singapore’s unique culture


In Singapore, food is a uniting force - not just for the nation but on an individual level as well. Families unite at the dinner table, discussing the events of the day and bonding over shared laughter and tears. Friends meet and gossip at hawker centre tables over kaya toast and kopi-o before rushing off to meetings and classes.

LEGO goes local to celebrate Singapore’s unique culture

LEGO, inspired by Singapore’s unique food culture, designed the above Limited Edition Food Culture mini-builds. The end result is five mini builds that epitomize Singaporean food culture.

From the the Chili Crab set, commemorating the crustacean King of Singaporean cuisine and arguably the country’s national dish to the colourful Peranakan-inspired Nyonya Kueh set showing the sweet and savoury snacks that are a must-try for foreign visitors and finally the Chope set which celebrates the unique way that Singaporeans mark tables at hawker centres around the island.

Each set is available with a minimum purchase of $80 on LEGO products across participating retailers.

Do you have your Singapore Mini-Build Food sets yet?


#BuildAmazingSG Contest

With a set of LEGO, a kid has all the tools he needs to build something amazing; imagination, creativity and a box of colourful building blocks.

After designing their own food culture mini-builds, LEGO also wanted to know how the citizens of Singapore see their nation and their culture. The Build Amazing SG competition asked Singaporeans to use their creativity and ingenuity to build something that they felt signified their home and to do it without instructions.

LEGO goes local to celebrate Singapore’s unique culture

Singaporeans fully embraced the chance to express themselves using LEGO Bricks to show their Singapore through social media. Looking at the #BuildAmazingSG hashtag on Instagram shows creative and imaginative ideas on what it being Singaporean means across different ages and walks of life.

Check out some of the finalists from the adult and junior categories which caught the attention of LEGO.

LEGO goes local to celebrate Singapore’s unique culture 


LEGO goes local to celebrate Singapore’s unique culture


Well, what does your Amazing Singapore look like? Even though the contest is over, keep building and be sure to use the hashtag #BuildAmazingSG to show off your creative work!

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