Use playtime to get your little one interested in coding!

Use playtime to get your little one interested in coding!

LEGO BOOST is a cool new toy that lets you build and program five unique robotic models.

There is no denying the fact that in the same way languages create the ability to forge new connections with diverse people, programming gives children the ability to create new technologies that impact those around them. That’s why there is a huge emphasis on getting kids interested in learning science, tech, math and engineering (STEM) which are crucial for their future.

By getting kids interested in STEM from a young age, you are giving them the tools to help them succeed in the future. Just think, how much has technology has changed in your life, mums and dads? We can only imagine what the next few decades will bring!

Is coding boring for kids?

While most parents want their kids to learn to code from an early age, the challenge is to make them interested in it in the first place!

But kids are kids and they look for fun and games in everything they are introduced to.

So as a parent, how do you make coding fun?

LEGO BOOST can lend a very able helping hand and make coding not just cool but also super fun for your kids!

LEGO BOOST - what is exactly is it?

lego boost

The LEGO BOOST Creative Tool Box is an awesome new toy from LEGO that encourages kids to play and get creative. It also offers them a lot to learn at the same time. The set includes 5 unique and programmable models (more on those later!), a Move Hub, an Interactive Motor, a Colour & Distance Sensor and over 800 LEGO bricks.

When you bring home the LEGO BOOST Creative Tool Box, the first thing you need to do is download the free app on your tablet or Kindle.

Next, select which of the models you want to build first and get building!

After you finish building the model, the fun’s not over (and definitely don’t let any mean siblings destroy it right away)! Now it’s time to see what your model is capable of doing. Bring up the super user-friendly, colour-coded programming module and try some of the challenges for each model.

Meet Vernie, the robot!

lego boost Vernie the Robot


Our favourite build is Vernie the Robot, a playful jokester who can navigate around obstacles, dance with a pair of maracas and even tell jokes! And get this, you can record your own jokes for him to recite (we can already imagine dads thinking up terrible jokes for Vernie!).

lego boost Guitar 4000

Is your kiddo a budding musician? If so, they will love the rocking Guitar 4000 model which lets them learn some basic guitar playing techniques and even make their own songs or practice rocking out 80s style with the whammy bar!

Basically, kids will be having so much fun, it will never occur to them that they’re benefitting from the building blocks of early STEM education at the same time. And with five different models, the BOOST LEGO tool box is a toy that is good value for money and highly versatile.

We wouldn’t be surprised if mum and dad learn a thing or two about coding with their little ones when the whole family plays together!  Try building Frankie the Cat and you’ll laugh yourselves silly seeing how your real-life pets interact with it.

Watch Simon, the lead designer from the LEGO BOOST design team, show off some of Vernie’s cool moves as well as the 4 other models. 

The LEGO® BOOST Creative Toolbox retails at SGD249.90. A limited number will be exclusively available at Toys R Us from 27 October until 9 November before launching at all LEGO Certified Stores islandwide from 10 November onwards while stocks last. Click here for more information about the product.

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