Award-winning preschool in the heart of nature

Award-winning preschool in the heart of nature

With a brand new campus located amidst lush greenery, Learning Vision @ Nanyang Technological University offers a specially curated, play-based curriculum to children from 18 months to 6 years old. As part of its efforts to provide easy access to quality childcare, the centre will also have infant care in 2016.

Learning Vision @ NTU has recently moved to a brand new location at Nanyang Crescent.

Learning Vision @ NTU has recently moved to a brand new location at Nanyang Crescent.

I was excited to be given an opportunity to go down and check out Learning Vision @ Nanyang Technological University with my three-year-old daughter.

First impression

The purpose-built two-storey preschool, which is a newer and bigger campus from its previous NTU location, is impressive in itself – with its spacious and airy classrooms, brand new play equipment and custom-built dance studio.

In addition, the school faces a peaceful and tranquil forest with tall trees, making it an ideal place for children to be spending a large part of their day.

With over 17 years in the industry as a trusted childcare provider, Learning Vision @ NTU provides an ideal learning environment for your child.

It provides the right combination of beautiful natural surroundings and modern child-friendly facilities on-campus. These facilities include a rooftop playground and spacious play area where children can work on their balance and coordination while cycling on the pint-sized tricycles.

The layout of the school has also been carefully thought out to fully utilise the natural surroundings and allow ample sunlight.

Outdoor play is good for children to get some exercise as well as plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Outdoor play is good for children to get some exercise as well as plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Our favourite element across the nine classrooms, was the large windows, which let in natural light and brightened up the classrooms completely. This sense of space is further accentuated by the high ceilings.


The bright and airy classrooms enhance the learning experience for the children.

This centre is backed by a team of qualified and experienced team of educators who ensure that parent-centre activities are conducted on a regular basis, so as to foster a strong collaborative partnership between home and school. The centre also has a low teacher-child ratio.

The new campus is strategically located at Nanyang Crescent, which is only two minutes’ drive from the PIE and there is a direct bus (SBS 199) from Boon Lay Interchange. Alternatively, parents can also opt for the school bus service.

To celebrate its new location, Learning Vision @ NTU is giving a $600 Starter Kit to parents who enrol their children by 31 October 2015*.To find out more, call 67810888 or email [email protected] Terms and conditions apply.

Click next to read more about the centre’s bilingual programme and approach to teaching.

Bilingual programme immersion

For parents who want their children to be bilingual and have a good command over Chinese, this centre is for you.

At the school, each classroom has two teachers — one converses in English and the other in Mandarin. This allows the children to be fully immersed in the bilingual programme and encourage the kids to learn Chinese a little faster.

The school’s approach to Mandarin as a second language is holistic and integrates learning experiences aimed at developing the child’s appreciation and love of the language. The curriculum includes lessons on: Chinese EQ, Chinese Culture, Chinese Home-Literacy and Chinese Music and Movement.

However, not all students are expected to learn this second language at the same pace and the school is flexible by allowing parents to indicate the level of intensity they would like their child to be immersed in the language.

International mix of students

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A mix of nationalities at the centre promotes cultural diversity among children.

We live in a multi-racial society which welcomes people from all nationalities and ethnicities. Learning Vision @ NTU embraces this diversity. The school consists of students who come from many different parts of the world such as Russia, Italy, China, France and Africa, some of whom are children of NTU professors and staff.

Regardless of whether the children are headed to an international school or a local school, Learning Vision @ NTU prepares all its students for a successful transition to formal school.

Learning made fun

Learning Vision @ NTU

Children are free to choose which activity they would like to engage in while the teacher is there to help facilitate.

According to the centre’s principal, Ms Lin Yanyan, We make learning fun, so that the children have fun learning.” Learning Vision @ NTU has a strong emphasis on play and encourages the students’ natural desire to learn through engaging activities, hands-on projects, and fun excursions.

Children here are patiently guided in the right direction to gain knowledge and develop skills that they will require for a good head start once they begin Primary 1 or 1st Grade.

This innovative approach at Learning Vision @ NTU involves a focus on the teaching and learning process rather than just the results. The children are free to choose their own activities and are facilitated by their teacher. This allows the children to interact with and learn from their peers, as opposed to relying solely on direction from their teacher.

Learning Vision has been a trusted childcare provider for ministries, hospitals and MNCs for over 26 years and is a winner of the MCYS Outstanding Programme Award. The centre at NTU is also SPARK accredited.

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Early years curriculum

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Nursery students will learn how to develop their communication and language skills.

The Early Years programme for toddlers (18 – 30 months) is specially designed to develop students’ communication and language skills, encourage their creative expression, various physical abilities, and nurture their personal and social development through emergent play situations.

For Nursery 1 level (30 months – 3 years), the programme reinforces expressive language, communication and vocabulary skills, along with the development of fine and gross motor skills, as well as personal, emotional and social development.

It is important for toddlers to develop various physical skills to gain their muscle control, balance and coordination – so being able to play and explore is beneficial for their development at this age. The physical and learning environment at Learning Vision @ NTU encourages play and exploration in children.

Preschool curriculum

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Kindergarten students will be preparing to enter Primary 1 or 1st Grade.

As the students move up to Nursery 2 (3 – 4 years), they start to develop life skills and competencies through an integrated project-based and interactive skills-based curriculum designed to create confident, articulate and creative learners.

Kindergarten 1 (4 – 5 years) is when students begin to develop purposeful vocabulary, enjoy reading and writing experiences, and numeracy and mathematical concepts.

And Kindergarten 2 (5 – 6 years) focuses on collaborative learning through projects, critical thinking, and meaningful exploration of ideas and concepts through problem solving, inquiry and research.

Speech and Drama is also incorporated into the core curriculum of Learning Vision @ NTU. The sessions are held in an airy and spacious Dance Studio on the second floor.

Learning Vision @ NTU

The Dance Studio on the second floor of Learning Centre @ NTU

With its integrated approach, Learning Vision @ NTU nurtures its children to be independent, confident, articulate, and equipped with skills that are necessary for their onward educational journey.

The centre will also have infant care starting in 2016.

For those interested, you can register your interest today!

Learning Vision @ Nanyang Technological University
94 Nanyang Crescent
Singapore 637034
Tel: 67810888

Are you interested in sending your child to Learning Vision @ Nanyang Technological University? Enrol by 31st October and receive a starter kit worth $600. For more information or to schedule a visit to the centre, please go to the website or call +65 6781 0888.

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