Learning Vision @ Icon: The right choice

Learning Vision @ Icon: The right choice

Want to give your child a head start in life? Looking for someone worthy to take care of your child while you are busy working? Then we just may have the perfect solution for you.

Learning Vision @ Icon: The right choice

The value of education is irrefutable, especially in a country like Singapore where competition is stiff and paper qualifications have become a necessity. It is always better to get a head start which makes early childhood education especially important and it is common knowledge that early childhood education is crucial to a child’s growth and development. Thus it is imperative for your child to receive a quality preschool education.

Benefits of early childhood education

There are many benefits to receiving a quality preschool education and here are some of them:

1.           Better reading skills

2.           Richer vocabulary

3.           Stronger Math skills

4.           Social skills are developed further

5.           Exposure to things like music and sports

6.           Learn problem-solving skills like exploration, experimentation and conversation

Every child deserves a solid education and that includes a quality preschool education.

Learning Vision

Learning Vision @ Icon: The right choice

Armed with more than 20 years of experience in early childhood education, Learning Vision has grown to become acknowledged as a leading institute in providing early childhood education. With 18 branches conveniently located throughout Singapore, Learning Vision has become a popular choice among parents and it was even awarded the 2010 outstanding Programme Award as well as the Outstanding Teacher Award in 2008 and 2011. We spoke to the Principal of Learning Vision @ Icon, Ms Wirma Asad, in order to get an insight into what made Learning Vision so successful. She shared with us the top 5 strengths of the centre.

1.      Low teacher-children ratios

2.      Conveniently located at/near workplaces

3.      Strong award winning curriculum

4.      P1 preparation

5.      Highly qualified, passionate educators and principals

Learning Vision @ Icon review

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Learning Vision @ Icon to do a review of the centre. The centre is conveniently located in the heart of the International Business Park for the benefit of working parents in the vicinity. Parents can rest assured when they leave their children in the centre as they place a strong emphasis on hygiene and security. Security is tight, as all guests have to identify themselves before being allowed inside. Guests are also required to remove their shoes, sanitise their hands and have their temperature taken due to their high standards of hygiene.

Pleasant environment

The centre was brightly lit and elicited a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. The children there, ranging from 18 months to 6yearsold were all grouped into small groups with a teacher in charge of them living up to their promises of a small teacher-child ratio.

The preschool subscribes to the motto ‘Leave no child unoccupied’ which effectively means that students were always kept occupied with meaningful activities. From my observation, they certainly were. All the students there were busy with various activities. The centre was well equipped, complete with spacious and cosy classrooms, a Music & Drama studio, kitchen, Chinese Lab as well as learning corners which are each utilised to develop specific skills. The facility, which is the most popular among the children, is easily the newly renovated outdoor playground.

What your children will be learning

Learning Vision @ Icon: The right choice

During the tour of the centre, it was obvious that the children were all having a good time. The centre also manages to achieve the difficult task of instilling a consistent routine for the children without it becoming too mundane. The timetable and curriculum is planned by the centre.

Children are kept occupied throughout the day from 8.30am to 6pm. A wide range of activities are provided for the children ranging from interesting lessons to nap time and fun games. In order to ensure that the children do not become bored with the timetable, there are different themes throughout the year. Some examples of the themes include ‘Me’ (learning about themselves) and ‘Nature’ (learning about the natural environment). The children are thus exposed to a wide range of activities revolving around the theme of the period.

There is a particular emphasis on developing arithmetic, reading and writing skills. Apart from focusing on these 3 core skills, complimentary electives are also offered to further develop students into well-rounded individuals. These electives ranging from subjects such as ‘ArtWork’ to ‘Rhythm N Moves’ provide the children with a good exposure to music, art, sports and technology. The children are also taught real life skills including social skills.

Learning Vision @ Icon will also be the first preschool to offer an entirely Mac-based learning environment. Principal Wirma explains the rationale behind the innovative decision; “We want our children to be exposed suitably and appropriately to understand the benefits of technology”. As Singapore is increasingly becoming a technology-based society, being exposed to technology at a young age will definitely give these children an edge.

Well worth the money

The main purpose of a preschool should be to prepare the child for entering primary school and Learning Vision @ Icon does it well. The K2 children are given the opportunity to visit a primary school to prepare them for entry into primary one. Under the supervision of the teachers, they are exposed to how primary school life will be like. They are also allowed to sit in with the Primary 1 students during classes to gain an insight into primary school life. The K2 children are also taught essential skills such as buying their own food at the canteen etc.

When asked what Learning Vision @ Icon hopes to achieve for their students, Principal Wirma says, “We hope they become self-assured critical thinkers, creative learners and be well-rounded individuals with a passion for lifelong learning. We also hope they bring with them lots of enjoyable memories from their stay at Learning Vision!”

Judging from my observation of the children, they certainly will take away many happy memories from the place. Principal Wirma shares with me that all the children there have made many  good friends and many of them complain when the school is closed. Parents thus do not have to worry about their child feeling lonely as Wirma shares that all of the children mingle and mix easily.

Learning Vision @ Icon: The right choiceIn conclusion, Learning Vision @ Icon is definitely well worth the money. Children there are well-prepared not just for primary school but for life in general. Most importantly, your children will probably have the time of their lives there. For just S$1200 a month, parents can set their mind at ease when they leave their child at Learning Vision @ Icon knowing that their kid will be in good hands.

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