Learning Vision @ Alpha - A Place For Everyone!

Learning Vision @ Alpha - A Place For Everyone!

Learning Vision @ Alpha opened its doors two months ago on 4th of January to preschoolers aged 2 to 6. But from 1st of March, infant care services for infants from 2 to 17 months will also be available in response to overwhelming requests from parents.

“We’re all here because we want to be, and we love the children”, smiles Dorothy Lim, principal of Learning Vision @ Alpha and District Manager of Learning Vision. And this was nothing short of obvious to us in the short time we spent there with the children, teachers and parents who came together in a colourful celebration of Chinese New Year at this brand-new childcare centre.

Learning Vision @ Alpha opened its doors two months ago on 4th of January to preschoolers aged 2 to 6.  But from 1st of March, infant care services for infants from 2 to 17 months will also be available in response to overwhelming requests from parents.

For the Tiny Tots
The exclusive infant care section, tastefully equipped with cots, rockers, a range of creative toys and more, is very spacious and colourful – truly a conducive and stimulating environment for our tots to be nurtured in. The infant care facility is divided into two areas- for infants who are mobile, and for those who are not yet walking.  The care and stimulation provided for these two groups is similarly distinguished.

Infant care teachers are trained to conduct activities like baby gym, baby massage, storytelling with finger puppets and art activities. The daily schedules for infant care and preschoolers are activity-packed, fun-filled and covers everything from creative expression to value-based learning. Mrs Lim points out that these schedules are flexible so that children can progress and develop at their own pace.  In this way, teachers can be more sensitive to their changing temperament and needs.

The Little Things Matter
The curriculum team that designs activities and facilities includes principals, teachers and curriculum specialists who pay close attention to detail and are committed to creating learning spaces for children to develop. For example, the floor-to-ceiling windows at the centre ensure the children are never kept away from the great outdoors even when they are unable to go outside, and the scribbling corners allow them to engage in free expression. 

Globalised Yet Localised
A unique feature at this centre is the provision of Tamil classes in the afternoon, for children who would like to learn it.

We were also pleasantly surprised to realise that the teaching team includes a male teacher, who is a great hit with, and a strong male role model to, the boys especially.  Mrs Lim said the children really like him and thinks a well rounded childcare team is more representative of real life situations.  Such exposure also provides different styles of teaching, behaviour modification and life experiences. 

Parents Play a Part
theAsianparent was very impressed with the level of parent involvement at this centre.  The teachers and parents share a “communication book”, in which they communicate with each other on a daily basis on the child’s progress and their concerns. In this way, a healthy and productive relationship is forged.

“It is important that the teachers are competent. The teachers here have proven themselves, and we are comfortable with them,” says parent Jerry Ting, whose daughter, Eunice, is enroled in the preschool class.

The Kids’ Bulletin, where children’s works are displayed to showcase what they have learnt, also encourages parents to be more involved in their child’s experiences at the centre. Parent volunteers are regularly invited to tell stories, participate in festivals and accompany the children on excursions.

Parents are also consulted extensively to ensure their children’s progress, development and behaviour meet their expectations. 

Ensuring a Smooth Transition
A reassuring aspect of the Learning Vision @ Alpha experience is the smooth transition from one level to the next.  Children progress from infant care to preschool and from there to kindergarten with ease as teaching styles are kept consistent across all levels.

K2 students are also well prepared for their primary school experience. In what is called the ‘Primary 1 project’, the children learn how to buy snacks from the school canteen through role-play activities and are taken on visits to primary schools. Ex-students are also invited to return to give talks to the K2 children about their experience in primary school.

An Inspiring Leader
A symbol of perseverance, hard work and following your heart, even though it may be off the beaten track, Mrs Lim is certainly nothing less than a role model for impressionable young minds.  She started off as an accountant but soon realised that it wasn’t her cup of tea.  She had little encouragement from those around her when she decided to go back to school to train in Early Childhood but was relentless in pursuing her desire to work with children.  Initially, she also took a large pay cut, but today, she is proud of her choice to follow her dreams.

When asked what she likes best about her job, Mrs Lim smiles. “Learning together is great. If the children have a project on horses, we have to find out everything we can about horses. In the process, we learn so much more.”

Outstanding Features [SIDEBAR]

  • Lower than MCYS recommended teacher-child ratios across all age groups
  • Second languages such as Mandarin and Tamil are provided
  • A strong focus on phonics
  • Awarded MCYS’ ‘Healthy Eating Award’
  • Spacious floor area with brand-new  facilities
  • A lusciously green outdoor environment

Learning Vision @ Alpha is located at 10 Science Park Road, Singapore Science Park II, Level 1.

Check out Learning Vision @ Alpha at http://www.learningvision.com/Parent/centres/alpha.aspx

*Details regarding the [email protected] Open House will be put up soon.

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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