Learning to love Math

Learning to love Math

A mum shares with us how her daughter has finally learnt to enjoy the subject Mathematics, a subject that used to give her a lot of stress and boredom.

I’ve never believed in tuitions because the word itself makes me think of weekly additional drilling after a very tiring day at school. I often wondered how could a child manage to learn more.

Mid Year Exam Skills

My daughter before joining the Mid Year Exam Skills camp

Hence I was not too happy when my girl requested for extra Math class with Adam Khoo Learning Centre (AKLC) in mid 2011. She felt that her Math was okay, but not good enough to land her a place in the school she wanted to go. Knowing that she was  matured beyond her years, I let her go albeit with the condition that if the class was getting boring or adding on more burden to her daily work, I would pull her out.

I am glad to say that after almost 2 years with AKLC, my daughter has learnt to enjoy the subject Mathematics, a subject that used to give her a lot of stress and boredom. She does not see the subject the same way and in fact, treats every Math question as a challenge. She applies all the techniques that she has learnt from AKLC Math Mastery program with confidence, something that I did not see in the past.

loving math

My daughter after joining the camp!

We are now looking forward to the MYES (Mid Year Exam Skills) in June organized by AKLC. Hopefully she will pick up more exam tips from the camp and be full of confidence during her PSLE in September. Because to me, a confident and happy child walking into the examination hall is half the battle won.

Shirley Chew
Parent at AKLC

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Mid Year Exam Skills

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Sandra Ong

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