Latest parenting trend - Archery for kids!

Latest parenting trend - Archery for kids!

Gone are the days when kids wanted to be Aladdin or Cinderella. Now it's all about being the character, Katniss Everdeen, from 'The Hunger Games.' Read more to see why archery is one of the hottest parenting trends this year

Benefits of teaching kids archery

Read to find out about the latest parenting trend–archery for kids!

Archery has become the new craze for kids who saw Katniss’ ferocity, courage and dead-sure aim with bows and arrows! Ever wondered how far you would get with just a bow and arrow, if you were in a game that was all about the survival of the fittest?

Many of us cringed at the very thought when we first watched 16-year-old, Katniss Evergreen, use her skill as a master archer to dominate a game of life or death in the blockbuster hit ‘The Hunger Games.’

All aces on archery

Since the movie’s release, kids have gone gaga over archery and have been adding it to their list of extracurricular activities!

Unsurprisingly, archery for kids has roared back into popularity —  becoming a cool, fun thing for children of all ages. In a short period of time, this sport has made a place for itself in people’s backyards, schools, and even birthday parties. So, is archery for kids really all it’s cracked up to be?

Unlike other competitive sports, archery for kids isn’t an aggressive activity, hence the reason for its likability. There is no pressure to win as a team, or being the most physically fit to succeed

Relaxation and coordination

It lets children go out and propel arrows with the use of bows, giving them a sense of self-confidence and personal accomplishment. Archery for kids is mostly about relaxing and enjoying the scenic view while improving coordination skills. In fact, it’s an activity for the whole family–especially since it’s pretty inexpensive.

Also, archery for kids is becoming a growing interest for tots and to support the demand, more and more centres are opening up across Singapore. Now, parents can really bond with their children by encouraging participation in a sport like this or by going out and shooting together.

Where to go?

For parents on the lookout for places that offer archery for kids, here’s a list of places in Singapore to get you started:

Take a day out, pack your kids into the car and have a whack at the sport and tell us what you think. While it may not be for everyone, it may be something special for your child and you. Enjoy!

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