On Your 20th Death Anniversary, We Miss You A Lot Lady Diana

On Your 20th Death Anniversary, We Miss You A Lot Lady Diana

Today will mark the 20th death anniversary of Lady Diana. This is our tribute to the rebel mum and the beautiful soul.

On this fateful day 20 years ago, the world stood still for a moment. One of the most beloved members of the Royal Family, Lady Diana had met with an accident in Paris. Everyone was shocked. People around the world lost a beacon of hope that day. Many were devastated, the rest were shocked. The city of London was on the streets, mourning the great loss.

But you were not just a beautiful Royalty, Lady Diana. You were much more than that. Even today, you are the reason why many people are living with dignity, something that was denied to them until you came along. And that is why, even after 20 years, people still talk about you. They still remember you as if it was just yesterday. And we all miss you.

The beautiful life of Lady Diana

Lady Diana was born into nobility. And yet, she saw to it that her life growing up was full of colour. She did a lot of things others of her status would have never done. Did you know that she worked as a nanny for a family? It surprised me too when I read it. 

This beautiful soul and free spirit married into the Royal Family. And after her son William was born, she decided that she wanted a 'normal' life for her children. In a recent documentary, both the princes William and Harry recount their childhood. After watching the documentary, one thing is certain: you will see Lady Diana with a renewed admiration. 

And the reason is, she was not afraid. HIV was recently detected and the mode of transmission was not quite certain. But she did not think twice before shaking hands with a person suffering from HIV, something that was a big thing then. She spent a lot of time rallying for a safe shelter for the homeless. And today, a part of her lives on as Prince William and Kate Middleton visit the shelter and talk to the residents there.

This is how her children remember her. 

Celebrating Lady Diana's life

To commemorate her 20th death anniversary, the sunken gardens at the Kensington Palace has been transformed into a white garden, a tribute to Lady Diana's pure heart. 

In a latest Instagram post, Princes William and Harry are seen at the white garden, along with Kate Middleton, a day before Lady Diana's 20th death anniversary. 


Lady Diana, the perfect mother

Normalcy is defined differently when you are royalty. However, Lady Diana started the trend as soon as she entered the Royal Family. Because within three months of the marriage, she was pregnant. And she decided to do things differently, to give her children a sense of how a normal childhood could be. 

Amongst all the brilliant things she did as a mother, 5 things stuck with me, and I imagine how difficult it must have been for her to do that

  1. Delivery. Lady Diana did not deliver inside the palace walls. Both the princes were delivered in the hospital, much like most of the children born in different parts of the world.
  2. Breastfeeding. Traditionally, Royalty has always used a wet nurse to nurse the babies. However, Princess Diana is believed to be the first Royalty to breastfeed both her babies. 
  3. Dressing the children up. Prince Harry recollects that Lady Diana loved to dress him and his brother in the most outrageous matching clothes as children. And I can relate to it because my mum did the same to me and my brother! 
  4. Protecting the family. In a trip to Austria after the divorce, a photographer tried to take photos of the family while they were having lunch. Lady Diana is seen telling the photographer off, just to protect her children from the indecency of media. 
  5. Inspiring greatness. Lady Diana was involved in many great causes. And in the process, she inspired greatness in both her children. We see them today as down-to-earth adults who have taken up her cause. 

I wish you were still around, Lady Diana. Because the world needs you now more than ever. 

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Anay Bhalerao

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