A Labour Story: A Lost And Found Christmas Gift!

A Labour Story: A Lost And Found Christmas Gift!

A heart-warming labour story for Christmas - A couple's loss replaced by the best Christmas gift they could ever ask for.. Read the article for Kaiser Quain Lim's beautiful birth story.

The saddest moment of our lives befell us on Christmas 2009. I had a complicated pregnancy that year. And on what would have otherwise be a joyous day, we lost the baby. We were blessed with great friends who consoled and gave moral support during that difficult period. Something one of my closest friends said put a smile on my face, and I’m glad her words came true.

A Labour Story: A Lost And Found Christmas Gift!

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Three months later, we fell pregnant again. Having booked a trip to London and Paris prior to knowing, my main concern was if the long travelling hours and the amount of walking would affect the pregnancy. But my gynae cleared my doubts, and we went on the trip with extra care.

With the memory of my failed previous pregnancy still following me like a black cloud, similar concerns arose throughout the pregnancy. And again my gynae instil confidence in me, especially after seeing the baby’s timely growth and stable heartbeat. Kaiser was indeed my lucky star! My image consultancy business began to flourish and demanded my time, but with the support of my husband, I pulled through.

At 32 weeks, Kaiser was in a breeched position so my gynae mentioned that there was a high chance that I would have to undergo C-section in the event that Kaiser didn’t engage in the correct position. He advised me of the pros and cons of c-section and natural delivery and asked me to focus on the advantages of C-section in case I need to undergo that.

babies born during christmas, christmas baby

Christmas was indeed different, with a new addition to the family!

Kaiser was still breeched at 36 weeks, so I was scheduled in for a C-section. I looked up C-section operation videos on the internet to better prepare myself for the operation. The night before, I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions. I couldn’t sleep the whole night and got up at 5.30 am to bathe and get ready.

The amusing thing was, we accidentally went to the delivery ward where a nurse asked me if I was getting any contractions. The poor nurse was puzzled as to why I hadn’t shown any signs of labour pain. Upon realising, I was prompted to go to the correct ward for preparation.

A wave of poignant memories swept over me as I was wheeled into the theatre. It was where I had the D&C operation for the previous pregnancy done. However, the brooding emotion was only brief as the feelings I had was completely different this time round. I was filled with anticipation and excitement, eagerly waiting for that magical moment!

Leading up to the procedure, a cold antiseptic lotion was applied on my back before a numbing jab was administered. Boy, was that painful! I was given ‘laughing gas” and asked to concentrate on my breathing to relieve part of the pain. After which, the epidural jab was given. It numbed the lower part of my body almost immediately that I couldn’t even feel the catheter being inserted. My gynae made sure the epidural had taken effect before he proceeded with the procedure.

Hubby was only allowed in after my gynae’s ensured that my condition was stable. And by then, he already had a grip on Kaiser’s tiny legs and was just waiting for the auspicious hour before lifting him out. Despite the numerous tugs and pulls, I couldn’t feel a single pain. On the contrary, I held onto my hubby’s hands in great anticipation. As the clock struck 9.01 am, Kaiser was lifted out!

Nothing could describe my feelings when I heard his first cry. As I shed my first tears of joy and relief, my hubby quickly snapped photos of the baby. After he was partially cleaned, the midwife placed him in my embrace, and we took our first family photo.

babies born during christmas, christmas baby

A couple’s loss replaced by the best Christmas gift they could ever ask for!

Kaiser was soon taken away to undergo basic health tests. By this time, exhaustion began to set in, but the determination to find out his well being kept me up. Another half hour in the theatre with my gynae, and I was wheeled back to my ward. Smiley Hubby delivered the great news of Kaiser’s superb health. And I fell into slumber without a worry in mind.

The joy of having Kaiser (and a little help from painkillers!) had made healing from the C-section more bearable. By the 2nd day, I was already up and walking around. My hubby noticed my radiance and even joked that I made the process of giving birth look so easy… haha!

We were grateful to everyone who sent us their well wishes and gifts. Christmas was indeed different, with a new addition to the family!

This birth story was shared by Kaiser’s mummy, Elaine Heng.

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