Korean singer and actor Park Yoo Chun allegedly raped four women

Korean singer and actor Park Yoo Chun allegedly raped four women

Another woman has filed sexual assault charges on the JYJ singer and actor. More on this developing story here

Another woman has come forward, accusing 30-year-old South Korean singer and actor Park Yoo Chun of sexual assault.

She joins three other women who have filed complaints against the Korean celebrity, who rose to fame as part of the K-pop group JYJ; he’s also starred in several hit Korean dramas such as ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘Missing You’.

One of these four women is claiming that he raped her at his home back in June 2014. While, another woman is alleging that Park raped her last February 2015 while she was in the bathroom of a karaoke establishment.

photo: geministar

photo: geministar

Prior to these two alleged victims, one woman in her 20s filed a police report against Park, saying that she was assaulted in the bathroom of the bar where she works.

She eventually took back the story—reports the Straits Times—saying she had not been raped, and that there was “no coercion during sexual intercourse with Park”.

Despite this, however, the police are reassuring the public that they will continue to pursue the investigation; the criminal charges against him will still stand despite one false claim.

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Though the first complainant admitted to falsely accusing Park, her complaint emboldened his other alleged victims to come forward.

Another woman told the police that Park assaulted her on June 12 in a bathroom at a bar where she worked—much like the complaint of the first woman who eventually dropped the charges.

Since he started his career, Park has risen in popularity in countries such as Japan and China. C-Jes Entertainment, his talent agency, remain adamant that the charges against Park, one of their brightest talents, are completely false.

park yu chun wikipedia

photo: Wikipedia

C-Jes Entertainment expressed plans to file cases against his alleged victims for defamation and libel. Meanwhile, Park has vowed to retire from show business should any of the allegations against him be proven true.

He is currently serving as a public agent at Gangnam-gu Office in Seoul in lieu of joining the military.

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