KooBits brings assessment tests to the next level

KooBits brings assessment tests to the next level

Kids hate assessment tests--that is not news to parents. KooBits can help change your child’s perception of these tests altogether. You’ll be surprised that soon their loathing may turn to loving.

KooBits brings assessment tests to the next level

Quantity without compromising quality

KooBits EDU is Singapore’s leading portal for online assessment books, boasting of over 1,300 available assessment books with more than a whopping 18,000 practice questions in the form of interactive games--you’ll never need to hunt or shop for boring paper-based assessment books again!

These books are not merely MCQ questions; they are carefully formulated with over 32 different types of interactive templates for the sole purpose of engaging your child, knowing that children in general have short attention spans.

Children who are already members on the KooBits portal, on average, practice 24 assessment books and score 15 A+ on a monthly basis. In fact, it’s guaranteed that your child will be so hooked that he or she will practice at least 20-bite sized assessment books in a month.

Motivating your child

What started off as a National University of Singapore research project, studying what motivating factors drive kids into voracious learners, has in the past five years developed to be an award-winning tool to help children stay motivated and focused in learning.

In the process KooBits has worked with 36 MOE teachers, university professors, researchers and even technology specialists--and successfully developed 42 motivation dynamics, which forms the backbone of the assessment portal. What you’ll get is bite-sized assessment books that won’t overwhelm an excited and engaged child, plus a smart analytical report on your child’s performance.

Personalised learning

Your child will have unlimited access to all levels (K1 to P6) and that includes all subjects (English, Math, Science and Mother Tongue). Having this in place, your child can get a customised learning experience. Not all children are at the same level in progress, especially when it comes to different subjects. Case in point, if your child is currently in Primary 3 but her level in English supersedes her peers, so she could very well be completing P5 tests. In fact, she will get rewarded.

Koobits has a reward system that motivates your child in a form of points, badges and virtual credits. This encourages your child to practice more books to build a “positive behaviour” momentum, which will ultimately lead to better grades. Needless to say, practice makes perfect.

Another, albeit not so favourable scenario, could be that your child is in P2 but finds P2 math too stressful and challenging--he can easily go back to P1 sums and revise so that he understand the concepts that he is struggling with. This will ease the tension as he can do it in his own time and at his own pace.

KooBits brings assessment tests to the next level

Bringing out the confidence in your child

At KooBits, your kids will be in a positive learning environment. KooBits research discovered that our kids do not receive enough affirmative feedback. Positive reinforcement is very important to keep your child motivated, confident and ready to achieve even better results. So our assessment tests are designed to provide instant praise prompts frequently--this inadvertently helps your child develop a mindset that if they keep trying, they will ultimately do better.

Hear it from the parents

Parents who have tried and tested KooBits have realistic insights on the benefits of completing KooBits’ assessments instead of the regular “old school” papers.

“My daughter is a brilliant girl, but lazy and only interested in playing games. But now she's interested in KooBits after seeing her name on the Scoreboard.” - Joji Thomas, Parent of P1 Student Joanne Thomas

“KooBits EDU tackled the most difficult part of a child's learning journey - motivation. By letting a child to compete for top honour, my daughter is very motivated to become the highest scorer and actually was learning along the way without knowing that she was actually learning. She plays and learns. It is great!” - Koh Shoon Kuan, Parent of P3 Student Koh Kai Qi

“Interactive programme and able to capture her attention and develop her interest in learning.” - Roger Chua, Parent of P1 Student Chloe Chua Jia Xuan

KooBits brings assessment tests to the next level

Hear it from the kids

These children’s perspectives, after doing the assessment tests first hand, will give you a better idea of how much your kid can gain and achieve in a short period of time.

"I joined KooBits EDU 3 months ago and I have 88 A+ scores now!" - Nicole Liew, P2 Student KooBits Education AwardsOutstanding Academic Acheivement

“I started doing KooBits EDU 7 weeks ago and I have 138 A+ scores now!” - Max Foo, P5 Student KooBits Education AwardsOutstanding Academic Acheivement

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A teaser question for you [P5 Book 3]:

1. The ratio of the number of $2 notes and $5 notes Jessica had was 15 : 13. She exchanged 60 pieces of $2 notes for $5 notes. She then had an equal number of $2 and $5 notes. What was the total value of $2 and $5 notes Jessica had?


Why not try out the KooBits platform for free now? See how much your kid prefers this to the other form of paper-based assessments. (bit.ly/KooBitsTrialMembership

From there you can also gain access to a free trial of the KooBits platform throughout October 2012, and discover why KooBits members keep practising and scoring top grades month after month!

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