KKH gynae charges all pregnant mums should know in advance

KKH gynae charges all pregnant mums should know in advance

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you're thinking of giving birth at KKH, these are the gynae charges from pre-natal to delivery, so you know how much to set aside.

Pregnancy is like running a marathon. It requires a lot of effort on the woman’s part. Similarly to a marathon, the external conditions for pregnancies matter a whole lot. So choosing a hospital and ensuring it is the right fit is important, too. So if you’re looking at KKH gynae charges to kickstart your budgeting for the baby (along with everything else you need to do), we’re here to help.

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) is a popular choice among pregnant mums in Singapore to have their babies. From your first visit to the gynae to the actual delivery, we have collated KKH gynae charges to help you make a more informed decision.

KKH gynae charges: First Trimester Prenatal Checkups

Outpatient KKH Gynae Charges (Women)

kkh gynae charges

KKH gynae charges for consultation: Prices stated above are based on the maximum subsidy for Singapore Citizens and may vary depending on patient’s eligibility. (Source: KKH)

Subsidised Rates For Women’s Outpatient Charges

While pregnancy overall can be pretty expensive, you can save on cost when you opt for a public hospital, such as KKH, and if you’re a Singapore citizen.

If you’re eligible for a subsidy, your 1st consultation can cost from as low as $29.40. However, do note that the gynae attending to you at each session may differ depending on availability; and you will receive team-based care led by an assigned specialist. But rest assured because you will be given the same quality of care, regardless of your subsidy status. 

Do keep in mind this consultation fee DOES NOT include other costs such as medication, laboratory tests, x-ray etc.

*For subsidised patients, GST is absorbed by the Government. 

* Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible for subsidised rates if:

  • A polyclinic or A&E of a restructured hospital has referred you. It is only applicable if you are not receiving treatment for the same medical condition/s in KKH, at non-subsidised rates.
  • You are referred from a restructured hospital where you are receiving treatment at subsidised rates.
  • A General Practitioner under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) has referred you.
  • You are discharged as an inpatient from a B2+, B2 or C ward class, and were receiving treatment at subsidised rates .

Non-Subsidised Rates For Women’s Outpatient Charges

On the other hand, if you’re not eligible for a subsidy, your 1st consultation (private) can cost from $114.49 to $143.38 onwards, depending on the expertise of your chosen specialist. The subsequent consultation fees will be cheaper, with costs starting from $80.25 to $107. 

Similarly, your bill might also include other hospital charges such as medication, laboratory tests, x-ray etc.

Non-subsidised rates apply if you are:

  • A self-referred or walk-in patient.
  • Referred by a General Practitioner or private hospital, with or without choosing a specific doctor.
  • A restructured hospital where you are a private patient, with or without choosing a specific doctor, has referred you.
  • Referred from a polyclinic to a specific doctor.
  • Discharged from as an inpatient from an A or B1 ward class, or received treatment at non-subsidised rates from a B2+, B2 or C ward class.

If you’re on your first pregnancy, you may also want to follow your gynaecologist’s recommendations on the supplements prescribed, just to be on the safe side. Knowing what you need to buy, you can then search for the same kind of supplements from pharmacies elsewhere at lower costs. 

To make an appointment for consultation with KKH’s Gynaecology Specialist, you may reach them at +65 6294 4050.

Prenatal Checkups – Second & Third Trimester

Most private gynaecologists will offer what is called a prenatal package, after week 13. The package involves paying a lump sum that will cover subsequent costs on visits, rather than paying for each visit individually.

Depending on your gynaecologist, they could price the package such that it would be more cost-effective for you, so long as you stick to the same gynae.

Of course, depending on the gynaecologist you have chosen to go with, the package fee and coverage may differ. But on average, for private gynaes, you can expect to pay between $1,500 to $2,000. Some packages may include supplements, others would exclude it.

However, if you opt for check-ups at public hospitals like KKH, the total charges will be about $500.

Inpatient Hospital Charges (Women)

When it comes to the delivery or possible complications arising from the pregnancy, you may be required to stay at the hospital overnight. The below are the bed charges you can expect. 

kkh gynae charges

Bed charges for Class B2+/B2/C are estimated based on the maximum subsidy level for Singapore Citizens and may vary depending on patient’s eligibility. (Source: KKH)

Daily ward fees can range from $35 to $533.95, depending on which bed class you have chosen. Do also note that the bed charges DO NOT include other hospital charges (e.g. Daily Treatment fee, medication, laboratory and imaging tests etc.).

Bed costs for patients undergoing day surgery, starts from $53 and $176.55 for subsidised and non-subsidised fees respectively. 

*Note: For private class patients, the bed charges quoted are inclusive of 7% GST. 

Delivery of Baby

If you think that the charges for consultation and other costs building up to the actual delivery are expensive, the actual delivery costs take the cake. In the table below, you can take a look at the estimates across the wards for KKH gynae charges for delivery (normal delivery and caesarean section).

Below are data taken from the Ministry of Health (MOH).

KKH Gynae Charges: Estimated Total Hospital Bills for Childbirth 

Breakdown of the total hospital bill for KKH gynae charges (normal delivery):

Hospital Ward Type Volume* Average Length of Stay* Low ($)* Middle ($)* High ($)*
KKH Class A 2,713 1.9 4,336 5,099 5,731
KKH Class B1 1,267 1.8 3,070 3,702 4,207
KKH Class B2 488 2.0 1,575 1,926 2,364
KKH Class B2+ 1,207 2.0 2,083 2,599 3,123
KKH Class C 1,837 2.2 1,005 1,251 1,555

Breakdown of the total hospital bill for KKH gynae charges (caesarean section)

Hospital Ward Type Volume* Average Length of Stay* Low ($)* Middle ($)* High ($)*
KKH Class A 1,192 3.1 7,491 8,777 9,894
KKH Class B1 494 2.8 6,356 7,296 8,210
KKH Class B2 152 3.5 3,105 3,717 4,091
KKH Class B2+ 476 3.6 4,078 4,727 5,565
KKH Class C 453 3.6 1,976 2,320 2,712

Volume*: Number of cases from the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.

Average Length of Stay*: Average length of stay for the condition/procedure. 

Low ($)*: 1 in 4 patients pay less than this amount

Middle ($)*: 1 in 2 patients pay less than this amount

High ($)*: 3 in 4 patients pay less than this amount

If you would like to calculate how much your hospital stay will cost depending on your situation, you may use the calculator for Gynaecology Procedures here.

Hospitalisation Services

kkh gynae charges

With 28 private delivery rooms, KKH’s Delivery Suite witnesses the births of 30 to 35 babies every day. (Source: KKH)

Earlier on, we talked about prenatal packages. But there are also hospital delivery packages offered by KKH for you to consider — from Class A1 (single-bedded) packages to Class B1 (four-bedded) packages.

You can expect a team of train doctors to be involved in assessing your labour but your chosen obstetrician will still be conducting the delivery. 

Class A1 (single-bedded) Packages

kkh gynae charges

(Source: KKH)

Class B1 (four-bedded) Packages

kkh gynae charges

(Source: KKH)

*Note: Delivery Packages are not all-inclusive. Doctor’s professional fees, non-standard services, items in excess of package inclusion and all neonatal-related charges are not included. All other procedures and investigations that are not included in the package will be charged based on usage.

Click here for a virtual tour of a Delivery Suite room.

MediSave Maternity Package (MMP)

Thankfully, there are a number of financing schemes to help Singaporeans offset healthcare costs, such as conception support.

kkh gynae charges

KKH gynae charges can be expensive but there are ways that you can receive help. (Source: File photo)

Under the MediSave Maternity Package, mums can expect to get some relief from delivery expenses as well; pre-delivery medical expenses such as prenatal consultations, ultrasound scans, tests, medications, as well as for delivery expenses. They are applicable in both public and private hospitals.

Here’s a rough breakdown as to how much you may withdraw:

  • Up to $900 for pre-delivery medical expenses,
  • An additional surgical withdrawal limit between $750 (vaginal) and $2,150 (caesarean), depending on the type of delivery procedure, and
  • Up to $450 for each day in the hospital 

*Do take note that Medisave covers hospitalisation only if the period of stay is more than 8 hours.

There are also other costs that Medisave can cover, for instance: 

  • Daily hospital charges (ward charges, treatment fees, investigation fees, medication)
  • Delivery and pre-delivery charges
  • Operation charges
  • Hepatitis B vaccination for newborns

The scheme outlined above consists of just the basic details and assumes delivery without any major complications. Always refer to your plans for full details. 

For more information on other marriage and parenthood schemes, please visit here

The prices stated on the hospital websites are just a guide as each individual’s conditions are different. You may find that there are many additional costs incurred that you may not be aware of. To be sure, always check with your doctor and additional information on your condition for a more accurate representation of your cost of pregnancy and delivery.

While your baby is important, remember that your health and comfort are, too!

Source: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), Ministry of Health (MOH), Dollars and Sense

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