The 4 Kinds of Music That Will Help Ease Your Baby Into Sleep Mode

The 4 Kinds of Music That Will Help Ease Your Baby Into Sleep Mode

When just singing lullabies won't work, sometimes we need to play music to get our little ones to sleep

Lulling your baby to sleep can be quite an endeavour, which is why parents need all the help they can get, like music, for instance. One theAsianparent Community user asked the community about what kind of music they use to get their baby to sleep.

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It isn’t clear why music can help us go to sleep, but according to, it could be because music can relax the brain and release feel-good chemicals. Music also masks other distracting sounds, like kids playing on the street or the TV in the next room. It can also lower your heart rate and slow your breathing.

Look for music that has a slow rhythm—from 60 to 80 BPM (visit to find out how many beats-per-minute a song has). Here are some kinds of music you can use to help your child sleep.

Classical music

“When both my girls were still babies, classical music helped them have a deep sleep even though our dog, who likes hanging around close to our room window, is barking loudly outside,” wrote Felisilda D.V.

Delta wave

Delta waves are brain waves associated with deep sleep. People have been using music to stimulate delta activity, helping them sleep.

“I have tried a few from nursery rhymes to classical music, neither works on my baby,” wrote Josephine Y. “Until I played delta wave music. It a type of music that helps to relax the mind and encourages deep sleep. The other reason is to cover some of the surrounding noise such as TV or kids playing.”


The 4 Kinds of Music That Will Help Ease Your Baby Into Sleep Mode

Some moms, like Carol L., use musical toys to lull their baby to sleep. Carol bought a musical toy from Fisher-Price, and according to her, “It calms my baby down.”

Womb sounds

This isn’t music per se, but it works. Your baby starts to hear sound in the womb at 18 weeks, so the familiar sounds of the womb might be a comfort to him come nighttime.

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