Kinderland Preschool @ Marine Parade

Kinderland Preschool @ Marine Parade

Review on the Marine Parade branch of Kinderland Preschool centre.


Right in front of the entrance stands a huge palm tree, complete with a monkey beaming brightly and similarly cheerful-looking parakeet. At this very first point of contact, one is already greeted with the warm welcome associated with Kinderland centres across the island. As you step into the glass paneled entrance leading right into the customer service area, a cozy sign bears the phrase “My School Kinderland” surrounded by a stunning  array of flowers and vines. The long circular corridor leading into the main hall connects the spacious centre and proudly displays adorable drawings, paintings and writings done by current students. This kaleidoscope of colours the moment you enter its premises is the most strikingly evident feature at Kinderland @ Marine Parade, with its interior elements designed almost scientifically to guarantee you walk in with a smile on your face, even before the first hello. And no wonder – the Kinderland brand is widely recognised as one of the most established preschool and childcare service brands in the region, with already more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Kinderland @ Marine Parade is conveniently located right in the heart of Marine Parade Central.

Kinderland’s typical classroom set-up consists of colour, specific play / drama and learning areas for targeted areas of cognitive development

One of the strongest components of the Kinderland brand has always been their belief that “learning through play” is a primary curriculum strategy in holistic education. This can be seen in the intricate attention put into preparing the children for their Primary School education yet ensuring that they truly have fun and enjoy their preschool lives. Another core strength, one that Kinderland centres all over Singapore are always proud to declare, is the proprietary Children’s Music Course, or CMC, which incorporates electone and other musical elements into their learning programme through the tutelage of professional music teachers. This can immediately be felt audibly when one walks through Kinderland @ Marine Parade, where faint keyboard tones and innocent student giggles were consistently heard throughout our visit.

Tiny sinks for the tiny tots

Another interesting feature of Kinderland @ Marine Parade is the Chinese Immersion programme, consisting a whole suite of exciting range of activities and camps, including drama, music, reading and play conducted in Mandarin. This programme aims to expose children to and heighten their understanding of the Chinese language and culture at the same time. “Before he came here, he didn’t speak, didn’t like Chinese. Now he is happy to learn Chinese,” grins Mr Chia, a proud grandparent of a student currently enrolled in the programme. The flexible timings accommodate to differing schedules, as the centre also welcomes children from other schools to take part in the immersion programme as an enrichment exercise.

Kinderland Marine Parade also offers value-added enrichment classes for the added benefit of the children. These include JACPA, a form of Japanese Gymnastics, which is carried out under the careful supervision of professional Japanese instructors.

The cute caricatures on the windows add character to the centre

Parents are actively involved in their child’s growth at Kinderland Marine Parade. To facilitate this, there is even a “Student Affairs Counter”, where a customer service officer attends to all parents’ enquiries. Parents and teachers also develop close bonds as they work together towards their children’s development. They share a ‘communication book’ and have frequent parent-teacher sessions to monitor and record the progress of the children at home and school respectively. The beauty of the centre is in its multi-generational nature – their students love the school so much that they end up, 25 years after they graduate, sending their own children there as well! Kinderland’s bond of alumni members throughout their decades in existence has ensured that generations pass through the famous door with the exact same experience. Some things in life never change.

Marine Parade Preschool Principal, Denise Chelliah, posing for the picture

Kinderland’s Customer Service Officer is professional, dedicated and extremely attentive and sensitive

“In the end, it’s a job that brings a lot of satisfaction”, concludes Denise Chelliah, the Principal of Kinderland Marine Parade. “It’s so nice to meet students who you taught at just this height and after so many years still look up to you.”

With the sincere passion and dedication of each and every member of the Kinderland Marine Parade team, it’s not hard to imagine that children grow up bringing the lessons and memories they had in Kinderland eventually to their own children, and then some.

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