Kifli’s Smooth Arrival

Kifli’s Smooth Arrival

A mother writes a letter to her little boy, prior to his first birthday.

Kifli’s Smooth Arrival

Dear Kifli,

11 months have passed so quickly. 1 more month to go and it will be your 1st birthday!

Mummy’s pregnancy with you has been a truly blessed journey into motherhood. There were no sudden health problems during the 9 months carrying you in my womb. Your journey to earth started during mummy’s visit to Clinic C at the KK Hospital on 5 September 2007. While waiting to be induced for 2 more days, the doctor checked and found out that Mummy was dilated 4cm all the while. Immediate admission was done to labour on that day itself. Holding Daddy’s hand, we walked to the labour ward and got ready to be induced with contraction fluids and antibiotics. Mummy was feeling calm and not really worried. Daddy ran out the bags back at grandma’s home, Mummy plugged in the MP3, listened to prayers and talked to you, while rubbing my tummy gently.

Mummy talked a lot with the nurses and doctors while sipping ice water without food since 2pm.

The contractions begin around 7 plus and Mummy still bared the pain until when the nurses advised to let them know if it became unbearable. Being a first time mum, I was actually determine to have a normal delivery for you, just to find out how it felt like to deliver naturally. I was still undecided between an epidural and a natural birth. The ‘laughing gas’ did help me a lot to overcome the pain as that fluctuated. In my mind, I tried to be focused.

Up till 8 plus, Mummy started to feel the contractions coming in, within 1 min at a time, this time the pain scale reached a 7-point range. Nurses checked the cervix and it had dilated to 9cm!

By this time, the nurses urged Mummy to keep on pushing and pushing. The pain was getting more severe and Mummy was too weak, constantly thinking of giving up. Mummy held Daddy’s hand tightly. Doctor Lim then touched the forceps that would aid in pulling you out, in case Mummy couldn’t push within an hour from 9.30.

Concentrating, Mummy pushed with all the energy that was in me. With God’s grace, Mummy heard your cries and almost couldn’t believe it you were no more in my womb. Without an epidural or anything else, you were born at 10.44pm. The nurses placed you at my side and encouraged the 1st suckling of breast milk. Almost too surreal was the feeling of you beside me. A little angel for Mummy and Daddy, from God.

Having you makes me enjoy motherhood so much and you, my darling, gave me inner strength to carry you until full term and the power to deal with all those pre and post natal blues.

Now, you are turning a year old. Making

sacrifices were worth it as I watch you lay peacefully while you sleep. Your laughter at simple moments of life makes Daddy and me feel like the luckiest people on earth!

Kifli, you are our strength and pillar of endurance.

Happy Birthday, darling.

Love: Mummy

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