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Limit your kids game time and access to the internet with this brand new parent driven Windows 8 software!

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Today, technology has become so advanced that you can access the internet on multiple devices almost simultaneously. With a swipe of your finger, you can have any information, from almost anywhere, right there in front of you. While you and I may need to still struggle every once in a while, today's kids are definitely more tech-savvy. They seem to know their way around smart gadgets pretty much from the moment they can clutch things and crawl. Needless to say, parents are increasingly concerned about the content their child can access on the internet.

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Sometimes, you may not even be able to keep up with the number of apps your child has downloaded onto your computer. But no need to fret, help is at hand. An Australian father of a four-year-old has created a Windows 8 software application which allows parents to limit and control the time that young kids can spend on a computer. What's more, to allows you to tweak it to your kids' ages.

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Four reasons why mums and dads should install KidsLock

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Kids can be the most curious of beings. But with curiosity comes great responsibility… for the parents, of course! Here’s how KidsLock can help you secure limited computer usage for your kids:

1. Timer feature enables parents to customise lock the computer

This feature called ‘Kidslock’ allows you to pick how long your child gets to use the computer for. All you have to do is set a timer on Windows 8, the moment your child crosses his or her allotted time, the system automatically logs them out.

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2. Prevent your children from buying or downloading new apps on the Windows App store

Sometimes, kids may download or even accidentally buy games or certain Apps on the Windows Store without your knowledge.KidsLock ensures that this does not happen anymore. So now your limited hard drive storage will not be brimming with yet another game, nor will your kid be accessing Apps which you may deem inappropriate.

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3. Allows parents to choose which Windows apps kids can access

All you have to do is select which Windows Apps you want your child to access and then hide the rest. This way, KidsLock allows your child to unlock their potential in a controlled environment.

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4. Only parents can exit the KidsLock mode

once your child has been logged out after using up the allocated time, a pop up message appears asking you to reenter the password for to allow for additional time; this can only be done by parents who have control of the password.

If screen time and content access are your concerns as a parent too, Kidslock is reaching out to parents to test-drive this functional software.

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