Choosing a Colour for the Nursery

Choosing a Colour for the Nursery

Need some painting ideas for your kid's room? Here are some great paint suggestions for your children's room.

We are about to paint our kid's room, but we're confused on what colour to choose. Do you have any kid's room painting ideas?

Try to have fun with colours. Usually, when it comes to painting wall colours, many of us prefer to choose a neutral colour scheme.

A little girl’s room is more often than not predictably painted pink or purple; Boy's rooms are normally painted blue or some combination of suitably masculine colours such as blue and red.

Although painting your kids room pastel colours such as lemon and pink are safe and popular, there has been a recent revival in shades of cream, biscuit, chocolate and caramel to create a natural and soothing environment.

Parents then opt to bring life to the kids room through decorations, accessories and furnishing, which are available in a great range of brilliant colours.

For example, storage bins in bright citrus shades, linens in bright spotty pink or colourful and playful wall borders that are perfectly suitable for a child room and would contrast well with a neutral wall background.

Ultimately, don't be afraid to experiment with decorating your kids room.

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