10 reasons why kids NEED the new JUMPY Plus smartwatch!

10 reasons why kids NEED the new JUMPY Plus smartwatch!

Have you ever thought of getting a smartwatch for your kids? Well, here are 10 reasons why kids NEED the new JUMPY Plus smartwatch!

So, we recently went for a preview of what the new JUMPY plus smartwatch had to offer, and my 6-year-old instantly fell in love with it. She kept nagging mummy and daddy on how essential this smartwatch was for her. To get her off his back, daddy dearest devised a simple 'test'. He asked her to give him 10 reasons why she 'needed' the JUMPY Plus smartwatch.

The little one seemed a little taken back, she thought and suggested that we give her a couple of days to work on this monumental task. We were only too happy to oblige. We were in for a shock however, when she 'submitted' her assignment in 15 minutes flat. Check it out, and yeah, do ignore the little one's spelling errors. :)

10 reasons why kids NEED the new JUMPY Plus smartwatch!

In case you have trouble reading that, here are the relevant ones:

  • I have a neat way to communicate: Voice calling, messaging, sketch messaging, emojis, it offers all these ways to communicate. But here's the most important part (which the little one is not aware of ), the child can only communicate with the contacts configured in the Contact List. Parents will receive a notification when their kids add a friend. You can also check your kid's call log to see who she has 'communicated' with.

With the simple push of a button, kids can send emergency calls and messages to whoever is added in the Family Contact List. Just what they need, no? And like the little one says, "I don't need 10 cents to call mum anymore."

  • They have a school mode: That's right, no playing games in school. Parents can remotely switch the JUMPY Plus to school mode, using the JUMPY plus app on their phones. When in this mode, the JUMPY Plus can only be used as a watch to tell time, and for those 'emergency' calls.
  • They have a smart calendar: Set schedules and even record voice reminders like 'Time to exercise!'
  • When I have nothing to do, there are games...: Lots of games encouraging exercise and fitness for the little ones!

10 reasons why kids NEED the new JUMPY Plus smartwatch!

  • JUMPY Plus lets mum track me: You can track your kids location with accuracy on a map on your phone, in real time, and even record tracking history. You can also set up safe zones; so if your child were to leave the 'safe' zone, you would get alerted on your phone.

And hey, if you can't find your kid in a crowded shopping mall, use the 'Find me' feature to trigger an alarm on the watch, through your phone (via Bluetooth).

  • It has a pet dog...: Little kids will love the friendly JUMPY pet who's all for fitness. Kids will be required to stay active and be on the move to feed their pet and do fun stuff with it.
  • It has behaviour analysis: What has your child been using her smartwatch for? Communication? Games? Learning? Playing with her pet? Get these details using the behaviour analysis feature.
  • We don't need story books anymore, these story books will never run out: Running out of bedtime stories? JUMPY Plus offers to do the job with a never ending collection.

So are you sold on the idea of getting your kid a JUMPY Plus smartwatch? For more details, visit www.jumpy.sg or check their Facebook page.

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