Kids latest fashion, now at your finger tips

Kids latest fashion, now at your finger tips

Thanks to the partnership between Gumtree and popular kids clothing brand, TwoKitz, you can now easily shop for the coolest clothes for your kids online.

Shopping for kids is a lot of fun. But taking them shopping not so much. If you are a parent, you know just what I am talking about.

While I love browsing to find that perfect little dress for my daughter or that super smart shirt for my son, I simply cannot do it with the tots in tow – they are forever running in different directions, asking for something to eat, play tag, or wanting the toilet.

An online solution to mums’ shopping troubles

So being able to shop from the comfort of my home makes perfect sense for me, right? That is why I love Gumtree – Singapore’s leading free online classified! With such a wide range of choice of products and brands for kids, every parent can find what they are looking for.


Honestly, before I had the Gumtree app on my phone, I would often not end up buying the stuff I needed for my kids, or dragging my feet on getting them new stuff to replace what they had out grown. Between work, school pick-ups, family commitments, and home management,  I simply didn’t have the time to go browsing and shopping.

Having the app has made it so much easier for me to shop while I am on the go.

All one has to do is, browse, select, and click! You have such a wide variety of merchants available, that it makes shopping for your kids into a fun adventure.

I can browse and make a quick purchase while I wait in my car outside school, or during my lunch hour at work. It really is so much simpler. I am happy, and my kids are happy! After all they have stuff they need now.


Coolest clothes for kids, now on Gumtree

Now Gumtree has partnered with popular kids clothing brand, TwoKitz to bring you the coolest, trendiest, and most comfortable clothes for kids.

They have everything – adorable skirts, bright tees, stylish shirts, cool caps, cute leggings – you would want to kit out your kids in for a day at home, to a playdate, to a family brunch, or a fun day out!

What’s more, if your kids are anything like mine – which means they are picky about what they wear, they can get on to the Twokitz Gumtree profile ( with you and actually help pick out what they really really want to wear!  I promise you it saves a lot of tears and tantrums later on.

So what are you waiting for? Download the latest Gumtree app now and start shopping!

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Written by

Sumati Nagrath

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