Kidnapped Malaysian boy reunited with his family

Kidnapped Malaysian boy reunited with his family

What a relief for his parents and what an eye-opener for all parents to never take their child's safety for granted. Read this article to find out what happened.

A Straits Times report says a kidnapped Malaysian boy has been safely reunited with his family. The five-year-old boy was abducted near a kindergarten in Sungai Chua on the morning of Friday 9 October.

The hero of the day was a taxi driver named Nizam. Reportedly, he had driven up to the kidnapped child's home at 5.35pm on Friday with the boy in the back seat of his taxi, and called out to the parents.

Nizam told Malaysian newspaper The Star, "I just found him walking on the road and I recognised him from the WhatsApp messages being circulated."

As you can imagine, the reunion was emotional as the boy's parents ran out of the house to hug him. The boy was reportedly in a healthy condition but was still to be sent to the Kajang Hospital for a health checkup.

Below is the moment the boy was returned to his family (video from YouTube).

The abduction

On Friday morning, according to the Straits Times report, the boy's mother, who was taking her son to kindergarten, was stopped by a man asking for directions.

While she was talking to him, the man's accomplice snatched the boy and stuffed him in a black Proton Saga. The mother reportedly also managed to get in the car, but the kidnappers had pushed her out near a market in Sungai Chua.

The whole incident was captured in a minute-long video that has gone viral since it was posted by Casey Lee on Facebook at around 11am on Friday, say reports.

You can watch the video below. Meanwhile, the search for the kidnappers is still on.

We at theAsianparent celebrate along with the little boy's parents at his safe return. At the same time, this is a good eye-opener for all parents to be extra vigilant about their children's safety at all times.

*Featured image from Guang Ming Daily Facebook page

Parents, do share with us some of your own tips when it comes to keeping your kids safe when out and about. Leave a comment below. 


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