Kid vomits on designer bag while on flight; mom asked to pay up

Kid vomits on designer bag while on flight; mom asked to pay up

One mother faces a dilemma: should she pay to replace a £900 bag that her son accidentally vomited on?

Having your child  get sick while riding on a plane is bad enough, it's much worse if your child accidentally vomits on someone's very expensive handbag.

She was asked to replace the handbag or have it professionally cleaned

One mother from the UK posted a rather difficult problem on Mumsnet; she said that she was on a long haul flight with her family, and the turbulence caused her son to get sick.

She added that her son's vomit got everywhere but they were then able to get everything sorted out. However, an hour later, a lady comes up to them and tells them that her son's vomit got on her expensive handbag and she's asking for her to have it cleaned or replaced.

The mother mentioned that she wasn't able to see any visible damage on the bag, but the lady insisted that the smell of her son's vomit was now 'ingrained' in the bag.

Opinions were divided

Soon after landing, she said that she got an email from the lady that was complaining about her bag. The lady said that Louis Vuitton was unable to remove the smell from the bag and that the mother should buy her a replacement.

Users from mumsnet were divided on what the mother should do. One user said that "So she wiped the vomit off but the bag still smells. I can see her point kind of. I would pay for the bag to be cleaned professionally."

Another user chimed in and said "I think you're liable. It's no-one's fault really but at the end of the day your child has ruined her bag."

Other users felt differently about the entire thing, saying "she shouldn’t have put such an expensive bag on the floor."

"I’d ignore her personally,’ a user commented. ‘I think more fool her for spending £900 on a handbag."

So what would you do?

Putting yourself in the mom's place, it's really difficult to know what you should do.

On one hand, the bag is pretty expensive, and most people would agree that removing the smell of vomit on something is a hard thing to do.

However, on the other hand you can also say that what happened was an accident, especially since people really do get sick because of turbulence. And obviously, no one wanted the bag to be damaged.

So far, there hasn't been any updates regarding what the mom did, since after her predicament went viral, she asked the moderators on mumsnet to take down her thread.

If you were in the mom's place, what would you do?


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Nasreen Majid

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