12 Kid quotes about Singapore politics that will make you laugh out loud!

12 Kid quotes about Singapore politics that will make you laugh out loud!

We decided to quiz little kids, about Singapore politics, and as expected, the results were hilarious! Check them out!

Well, Singapore politics seems to be in the news these days, with almost anyone and everyone wanting to have a say. With so much happening, we decided to quiz little kids, our voters of the future, on how much they knew about politics and politicians in Singapore.

As expected, the results were hilarious and we managed to unearth some rare gems :). Perhaps, there is much to be learnt from these innocent minds!

Who is our Prime Minister and what does he do?

Sabrina Lee, 8: "We call the Prime Minister Mr. Lee at school. He stays at the parliament the whole day and goes for the National Day Parade every year."

Lucas Lim, 8: "Queen Elizabeth likes to drink tea because she's English. Lee Hsien Loong likes to drink kopi siew dai pao because he's the Prime Minister of Singapore."

"Donald Trump likes beer because his face is always pink and he's American"

Joelle Tan, 5: "Who is a PM? Me! No, wait, the principal of my school."

Jovan Tan, 7: "Prime minister has to be elected by people in election where people vote. Except America, where there is no prime minister..."

Who is a President?

Sabrina Lee, 8: "The President goes for events and also goes for the National Day Parade and goes to the parliament everyday just like the PM."

Jovan Tan, 7: "Presidents are chosen, like Donald TRUNK, by people. They are supposed to help but they don't always."

"Presidents are like kings and their sons rule after them. A President's son or daughter is the one who becomes President."

What are elections?

(After understanding a bit about how elections and voting works...)

Sabrina Lee, 8: "So for some reason if all the good kids are absent and the naughty kids elect the naughtiest boy as class monitor, do we all still have to listen to him?"

Lucas Lim, 8: "What is a vote? Who decided this was a good thing?"

Joelle Tan, 5: "Why can't you become Prime Minister for life?"

Jovan Tan, 7: "It is not fair that so few people (in the parliament) always get to decide the laws."

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