Kid-Friendly Airlines: Smart Features Mums and Dads Will Love

Kid-Friendly Airlines: Smart Features Mums and Dads Will Love

Searching for kid-friendly airlines that will make your life easier, mums and dads? Looking for these clever new features is a good start!

A child's first airplane ride marks an important milestone in life, for which mums and dads prepare for. They make to-pack lists, and they research travel tips, as well as kid-friendly airlines, hoping to have the smoothest journey possible.

But as with all things about parenting, it is important to prepare for the unexpected. Being cooped up in an enclosed space — even when they like planes — can be overwhelming for some kids.

Luckily for parents, there are a number of kid-friendly airlines that make travelling hassle free! Here are a few of them.

Kid-friendly airlines: Features that make life easier for mums and dads 

Kid's fun packs 

Airlines like Cathay Pacific and British Airways offer fun activity packs to keep children entertained.

Cathay Pacific's fun pack, designed for kids aged three to six includes stationery, games, and activity books. They also offer a wide selection of family friendly movies and interactive games. 

British Airways gives a fun activity rucksack filled with puzzles and crayons for kids upon request. 

The Skycouch

The brainchild of Air New Zealand, the Skycouch is a clever feature that allows three seats in a row to be converted into a couch.

The flat, comfortable surface includes an infant harness and safety belt. This makes it possible for kids to lie down securely even during take off or landing. 

Cuddle Belts

Air New Zealand also has a belt that can securely accommodate two kids at once! Regarding these clever hacks, the airline's general manager Anita Hawthorne told HuffPost that they want to give parents a way to "relax" by creating a space for children to play and rest. 

Infant pods and bassinets

For younger kids, Air New Zealand provides an infant pod that promises added comfort and protection. 

If you fly with Singapore Airlines, you can book bassinets — which are about 77 cm long and 14 kgs — on a first-call, first-served basis. 

They also offer baby packs that contain baby wipes. Kid-friendly meals are served at all hours of the day. 

Flying Nanny

Etihad airways is taking steps towards making solo travelling parents more at ease by hiring flying nannies. These well-trained airline staff make sure your kids are entertained and cared for.

What's more, they can watch over your little ones when you need to go to the lavatory, or when you're feeding two kids at the same time. 

"Happy moms" service 

Asiana airlines offers a "Happy Mom" service, designed for mums travelling alone with kids under the age of three. This airline feature provides a baby sling service as well as a wide range of meals fit for babies and toddlers. 

To keep kids entertained, airline staff can stage a magic show, do face painting, and have fun with art magic balloons. Other activities include cookie-making, dress-up photo shoots, and sticker-making. 

What other clever kid-friendly airlines do you love, mums? Let us know in the comments below!


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