Kevryn Lim distressed after getting stalked on social media

Kevryn Lim distressed after getting stalked on social media

Kevryn Lim recently shared her concerns about being stalked on social media, "I fear for my son’s safety more than myself..."

Ever get the feeling that you are being stalked on social media? That every little like or comment you make or picture you share is being watched closely? Well, Kevryn Lim seems to be one such victim and recently took to Facebook to share her plight.

Kevryn Lim being stalked on social media?

Remember Kevryn Lim? She was famous as National Solidarity Party's (NSP) glamorous candidate in the 2015 General Election.

The single mum recently posted about her dilemma on Facebook and asked for advice.

She writes, "In need of an advice urgently. There is a person (I believe a guy, according to his profile), who has been following me on my social media, i.e., Facebook and Instagram, and upon warning and ignoring him, he starts tracing my life through the people I tag, people I take pictures with and follows them to follow me."

In fact so obsessed is this person with Kevryn, that he's even following her friends on all social media platforms. 

Kervyn reveals, "It is now becoming a nuisance because he’s following them everywhere, not just Facebook and Instagram but also Line, LinkedIn, Skype, snow, whatever you can name."

"He is even writing to them about me and also mentioning places I had been to and also with my son."

This mummy is now feeling anxious, "This is getting worrying now as somehow I fear for my son’s safety more than myself."

"I don't quite exactly know what he wants but it’s now becoming very disturbing for me and the people around me."

"I'm not sure if I can make a case out of it or what I can actually do. If anyone knows or have such related experience, please advice me. Thank you in advance."

What advice would you give, mums and dads?

How to stop and prevent social media stalking

Here are some tips to safeguard your privacy on social media:

  • Do not accept friend requests from people you don’t know.
  • Do a periodical review of your friends list and delete people you don’t know or remember.
  • On Facebook privacy settings: Under “Who can see my stuff” and “Who can see your future posts” select “Friends”. Ditto for “Timeline and tagging”.
  • Set the privacy settings of each album on your profile to ‘Friends’ only. Double check and ‘edit privacy’ every time you post a photo or video, on who will be able to see it.
  • Change your Profile and Cover pictures on a regular basis. Avoid posting your contact details like address and phone number.
  • Tell your friends not to accept a second friend request from you without informing you first.
  • If a person is harassing you, Facebook has the option to block that user. From their profile, click on the small menu with three horizontal dots. You’ll see an option to block the user and they can’t contact you from that account any longer.

You can also report the user and specify how they’ve harassed you or if they’ve broken the Terms of Service in some way and their account may be disabled or suspended. Don't worry, your name and other personal information will be kept completely confidential

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