Kelly Ripa on her balancing act

Kelly Ripa on her balancing act

TV show host Kelly Ripa admits she often feels like a failure.

The energetic host of a daily TV morning show, Kelly Ripa has revealed that it's not easy doing the balancing act. Kelly has her plate quite full with a husband and 3 boys aged 18, 14 and 12. She says she often feels like a failure when it comes to finding the perfect balance in life.

She might look like she's got it all balanced and figured out, but she's the first to admit that such is not the case and its definitely tougher than it looks.

Describing her daily routine, Kelly reveals how she's sometimes cooking a different breakfast for each one of her boys before dropping them off to school on way to the studio. "I don't even think my kids think I have a job", she revealed recently in an interview with She confessed to feeling like a failure sometimes.

Don't we all relate to her? Aren't we all always looking for that elusive, perfect work-life balance?

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