You’ll never worry about maintenance again after using ServisHero

You’ll never worry about maintenance again after using ServisHero

When you're a full time working mum, chores that used to get done quickly may now fall through the cracks. Read on to find out Jacqueline's experience using ServisHero to get stuff done around the house!

Lately I've found myself forgetting that dishes need a clean after dinner. Especially when dinner comes just after a long day at work and all I want to do then is to spend some quality time with my daughter.

Another one of the major chores I have been constantly putting off is getting someone to service the air con units in my house. Although issues with them haven't gone to the extreme scale, they are not functioning as well as before. Simply put, the air coming out of them wasn’t as cool as it used to be when I first had them installed. So servicing was definitely in order.

You might say the solution for an easier time with chores is to hire help. However, the process of hiring help involves research on how reliable they are, as well as their rates. And it is unfortunately more time consuming than what it appears to be. Furthermore, there have been a few horror stories circulating amongst my friends that home maintenance workers do not pay enough attention to the problem.

But thankfully, I was introduced to ServisHero as one of their recommendations.

What is ServisHero?

ServisHero is an app that provides a connection with customers and their required service providers. Offering tailored solutions to customers, these service providers range from wedding planners to tutors. But the best part? They are also a host for home maintenance workers, which was what I needed at that point in time.

I had an overall great experience using the app. With its clean interface, it was simple to navigate my way around the app. After I downloaded the app, it led me to a request form, which not only guided me through the process of filling up the necessary information for finding the type of workers I needed, but provided me with a good price. These service workers are more aptly called - “Heroes”.

These heroes are trained to understand the problems customers face so that efficient and effective solutions addressing all needs of their customers can be provided

How are Heroes different from traditional service providers?

The traditional process of engaging service providers is time consuming and potentially quite risky. With ServisHero, you are guaranteed not only a quicker way of finding the right service provider for your needs, but also a reliable one.

Moreover, as a mother, the need for cool and clean air for my home increases, as it affects my daughter’s wellbeing too.

My experience with a Hero


As you know, I needed servicing for my aircon units. So shortly after providing the necessary information in the request form, ServisHero provided me with 4 different quotations from 4 different aircon providers.

After receiving the quotes, I was able to compare the prices and communicate with all the service providers via the in-app chat function. In the end, I chose Alvin from Global Aircon and soon after, a date was arranged for him to service my air con units. He was not only friendly and detailed in his servicing but also provided me with tips on how I can perform short maintenance to the units on my own.

And with sound advice such as to not apply perfume and do my makeup while the air con is on will ensure less blockage over time. This was a service that went above and beyond my expectations. I am pleased to say that the air is much cooler and cleaner now and would highly recommend ServisHero to anyone in need of a service provider.

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Jacqueline Mong

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