One brilliant way to keep your active toddler comfortable and happy

One brilliant way to keep your active toddler comfortable and happy

It's not that easy to keep a super-active toddler comfortable in our humid tropical weather, But there is one way to do this, as you will learn in this article.

To a mother, keeping her child free from discomfort is of utmost importance even before he is born. So when she is pregnant, she gives herself only the best nourishment so that her baby benefits nutritionally too — even though she might have cravings for donuts and ice-cream.

And after her baby is born, we all know the effort a mum puts into keeping her little one comfortable, happy and safe. It doesn’t stop there though, because these efforts change according to her child’s development and ever-evolving needs.

The needs of an infant in relation to ensuring maximum comfort and happiness are quite different to those of a busy little toddler.

Take clothes, for example. An infant is most comfortable in snap-on onesies. But onesies may not be so practical for a toddler who, with his constantly developing motor skills, will be able to ‘un-snap’ himself in a flash – certainly not so comfy anymore!

Another example is diapers. The diaper needs of an active toddler greatly differ to those of a younger, calmer baby.

active toddler-1

Toddlers are such busy, active little beings. How do you make sure they stay comfy despite all the action?

Busy-body toddlers: Why a proper diaper is so important

From the moment your toddler starts to walk, his excitement to explore his little world just can’t be contained. So, he walks, runs, jumps, skips and hops on a new adventure of discovery every single day.

This increased mobility and never-ending energy means he plays and runs around so much that he’s often covered in perspiration — from head-to-toe in our tropical heat.

The discomfort factor is further increased when he poos and pees in his diaper. A poor quality diaper will trap moisture against your toddler’s bottom, causing his skin to be prone to irritation and diaper rash. In fact, dressing a toddler in an ill-fitting uncomfortable diaper can hinder his urge to run around and explore, which in turn can have an impact on his development.

For these reasons, it’s so important that you choose your toddler’s diaper very carefully. A good diaper should have exceptional breathability and good absorbency. Both of these features reduce heat and moisture trapped, minimizing skin discomfort and irritation.

Two more important features that a diaper suitable for a toddler should have are softness and a comfortable fit. Both will allow freedom of movement without leaving red marks or abrasions on his tender skin.

active toddler-2

Bring on those somersaults – Merries Walker Pants can handle them!

The perfect diaper for active toddlers

The manufacturer of Merries diapers understands mums and their babies. They especially know that ensuring your baby’s comfort at all times, and through all ages and stages, is of utmost importance to you.

Because of this – and with the help of advanced Japanese research and development – they’ve created the most comfortable diapers for your toddler.

Merries Walker Pants are specially designed with carefully thought-out features, all with your little one’s comfort in mind.

On the next page, let’s take a closer look at the features that make Merries Walker Pants the most comfortable option for your toddler. Also, find out how you can get a FREE sample today!

1. Comfortable fit

comfortable fit

Look for a great fit when choosing a diaper for your toddler

The last thing you want when your toddler runs around so busily is to find that his diaper has shifted around, causing leaks and discomfort. But at the same time, you also don’t want an ultra-tight diaper that leaves nasty red marks on your baby’s skin.

Merries diapers have super-soft gathers around the waist that hold the diaper in place so it doesn’t slip, giving your little one freedom of movement regardless of how active he is. The softness means no abrasions or red marks are left on your toddler’s soft skin either.

You’ll be especially happy to learn that Merries has improved on the material used on their Walker Pants. These are now softer, giving your active toddler even more comfort. In fact, Merries has even been awarded a “Good Design Award” for its amazingly comfortable fit.

2. Exceptional breathability


Merries Walker Pants keep your toddler dry and comfy even in hot, humid weather

Hot and sweaty babies are uncomfortable, cranky babies — even more so when moisture and heat are trapped against their skin due to a poor quality diaper.

Merries Walker Pants are cleverly designed to allow air to flow freely between the diaper and the skin, so every part of the diaper releases heat and moisture from pee and perspiration.

Airy channels around the waist also allow heat and moisture to escape from the top as well, so your busy little toddler can enjoy maximum dryness and comfort through the day.

3. Superb absorbency

3. Superb absorbency

No more wet, yucky feeling with the superior absorbency provided by Merries Walker Pants!

A leaky diaper provides plenty of grief to both baby and mummy and not surprisingly, is a big no-no in the world of diapers. What’s more, a diaper that doesn’t absorb pee properly causes all kinds of skin problems for your baby, especially the dreaded diaper rash.

Merries Walker Pants have a unique super absorbent core that solves these problems. This core instantly draws in and locks away pee for drier and longer usage, keeping your tot’s little tush dry, while preventing leakage.

4. Flexi-fit “W” Shape

Pants Flexi-fit W shape

The clever ‘W’ shape means no chafing of your baby’s soft skin.

“No more stiff diapers, mummy, they are so uncomfortable,” is what your toddler would love to say to you.

No such problem with Merries Walker Pants! Merries diapers are so soft that it even cleverly changes its shape to ensure even more comfort for your toddler. It transforms into a flexible “W” shape at the crotch area to accommodate your baby’s limb movements. No more red marks or abrasions!

5. Softer side seal which is easier to tear

Merries Pants Side seal-final

Change time is a breeze with this special feature!

Getting a dirty diaper off a busy toddler who just won’t stay still, is no easy feat. Merries knows this, thus their Walker Pants have a smaller, softer side seal.

Not only does this add to your toddler’s comfort levels as he is on the go, but it also makes it much easier for you to tear it from him. Just tear off and pull up fresh pants!

6. Colour-changing Wetness Indicators

Color wetness indicator

This useful feature tells you exactly when baby is due for a change.

Taking a diaper off your child too early, or too late both don’t work out well. With the former, you’re not just wasting your effort to change the diaper, you’re also wasting money by having to dispose of an almost dry diaper. And taking a diaper off when it’s too full can be terribly uncomfortable to your little one, and super messy for you.

Merries Walker Pants tell you exactly when the time is right for a change thanks to its clever colour-changing wetness indicators. Just watch out for the strips to change from yellow to dark green, and you know that a diaper change is due.

Mums, with all these clever and innovative features, it’s no wonder that Merries has been the No. 1* brand in Japan for nine consecutive years.

Now, it even comes in a new size — XXL — to cater to those adorable, squeezable chubby toddler bums.

Merries Weight Range-final


Why not try out Merries Walker Pants on your active toddler today?

Just fill in the form below to get your free sample!

*No.1 by brand in Japan Baby Diaper market in term of Sales Value share, based on research SRI data of INTAGE Inc., Japan., (Jan. 2007 to Dec. 2015).

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