Kate Tsui schizo gimmick?

Kate Tsui schizo gimmick?

At a recent promo event, actress Kate Tsui said she felt too much pressure from balancing her acting and singing career, admitting she is schizophrenic. Surprisingly though, 3 days later, she looked happy and fit in an advertorial for Terimee.

Beauty centre Terimee recently appointed Hong Kong actress Kate Tsui as its latest spokesperson.

At a promo event for her new TV series “A Great Way To Care” recently, Hong Kong actress Kate Tsui said that she felt heavily under pressure from balancing her acting and singing career. Though she did not seek professional help, Tsui said she felt too exhausted and would hide to cry, stopping short of admitting she is schizophrenic.

Surprisingly though, three days later, she looked happy, healthy and fit in an Malaysian print advertorial for Terimee, a beauty centre. Tsui had been appointed spokesperson for the slimming specialist, which already features another HK star, Charmaine Sheh. It was revealed that Tsui had previously suffered a thyroid disorder that caused her to gain weight.

Nonetheless, Tsui’s schizophrenia can be seen just as an obvious promo gimmick to promote her new series “A Great Way To Care”, which deals with mental health.

A point to note was that Tsui appeared calm and composed at the Terimee event, as conflicting to her feeling delusional or disorganised due to schizophrenia.

Rewind: 2010 scandal

Kate Tsui apparently has a knack of stirring an uproar in the media. Just last year, the 31-year-old, winner of the Miss Hong Kong 2004 pageant, was reportedly seeing a billionaire called Mr. K last year, whose assets are worth more than HK$20 billion (S$3.5 billion), after breaking up with her boyfriend, Director Yao Nai-Hoi.

According to Hong Kong media reports at that time, Tsui moved into a luxurious residence worth HK$15 million (S$2.6 million) with her wealthy companion. She also received a hillside villa worth HK$20 million (S$3.5 million) as a gift from him.

Ironically at that time, she played an actress who refuses to be a mistress of wealthy men in her drama ‘The Beauty Of The Game’, which incidentally dealt with how female celebrities deal with such offers.

Beauty queens such as Miss Hong Kong 2005 winner Tracy Ye, runner-up Lu Shi Yun and second runner-up Lin Li are also widely reported to have become mistresses to wealthy businessmen.

Could it be a coincidence that both Kate Tsui’s controversies are linked to dramas she is acting in? A cheap publicity stunt perhaps?

Source: channelnewsasia, news.yahoo.com, thestar.com

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