Kate Middleton's pregnancy cravings are...

Kate Middleton's pregnancy cravings are...

Check out what a very pregnant, Kate Middleton is craving lately!

Kate Middleton's pregnancy cravings

Find out the cravings of Kate Middleton!

Her baby may have royal blood stemming through it but just like any other woman, Kate Middleton has her own pregnancy cravings. Except unlike typical women, Kate Middleton’s pregnancy cravings are attracting significant media attention. It is also quite interesting that Kate Middleton’s pregnancy cravings are not the luxurious food usually associated with the rich and famous. Read more to find out just exactly what Kate Middleton’s pregnancy cravings encompass.

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Revealing Kate Middleton’s pregnancy cravings

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy cravings are apparently….. sugary sweets and hot curries! Could it be possible that Kate Middleton is getting sick of the posh food served in the British palace and thus longs for much more simple fare? According to a report on the Daily Mail, the Duchess cravings for curries was apparently triggered when she entered a shop in her family’s village.

Kate Middleton visited the shop known as Peach’s Spar in Bucklebury, Berkshire, to satisfy her other pregnancy craving by purchasing some Haribo sweets. However, the fragrant smell of the vegetable curries enticed Kate Middleton’s pregnancy cravings and she was sent off with a large portion of curries together with rice and bread. The vegetarian restaurant has since been keeping Kate Middleton’s pregnancy cravings at bay, regularly preparing delicious spicy vegetable curry for her.

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pregnancy cravings

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Celebrity pregnancy cravings

Now that Kate Middleton’s pregnancy cravings are known, you ask: What are the pregnancy cravings of some other celebrities? Check them out below and see just how Kate Middleton’s pregnancy cravings hold up against the cravings of other public figures!

According to the Canadian website of MSN entertainment, some celebrity pregnancy cravings include:

  • Fergie (Singer) – Fruits
  • Evan Rachel Wood (Actress) – Pickled onions
  • Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Actress and wife of Channing Tatum) – Mexican food
  • Kim Kardashian (Reality TV star) – Carrots and celery with ranch
  • Luisana Lopilato (Actress / singer and wife of singer Michael Buble) – Blood sausages
  • Kourtney Kardashian (Reality TV star) – Cheeseburgers, sour cream, onion chips and double stuffed Oreos
  • Hilary Duff (Singer / Actress) – Candy
  • Jessica Simpson (Singer) – Pop tart

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Looking at the list of celebrity pregnancy cravings, it seems pregnancy cravings are often either typically healthy food like fruits and vegetables of very unhealthy food like junk food.

Just how do your own pregnancy cravings compare with those of celebrities? Did you have the same pregnancy cravings as your favourite celebrities? Share with us some of your pregnancy cravings! Check out Jessica Simpson talking about her pregnancy cravings:

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