Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton rumoured to be expecting twins!

Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton rumoured to be expecting twins!

Is it true that Kate Middleton is expecting twins?

Have you heard the latest? Kate Middleton is rumoured to be expecting twins!

Life & Style magazine claims they got this exclusive news from a royal insider and that, “Kate and William were both shocked when they found out.”

They even go on to say that not only are Kate and William expecting twins in April, but that the babies are both girls — and they’re identical!

If that's true, Kate and William are going to have their hands very, very full next spring!

Life & Style meanwhile, continue to stick on with their story. They even report that the Duchess has no intention of dressing her twins alike, "She wants the twins to be seen as individuals and allowed to develop their own personalities."

There's more gossip coming from this rumoured palace source, "The twins will sleep in separate bedrooms but will share a playroom with George and Charlotte."

"Kate feels that it's important for her eldest two to bond with the newborns. She's obviously worried that George and Charlotte will be jealous of the babies, especially Charlotte, who loves being the center of attention."

"But Kate knows that sibling rivalry is all part of the process of growing up."

We are majorly confused though...

Didn't Kensington Palace only announce the arrival of Baby #3 for the royal couple? There was no mention of Baby #4?!


Also, there’s no known history of twins in the Royal or Middleton families...

Are these just rumours then, and someone's imagination running super wild? After all, Kate had to deal with similar rumours for her other pregnancies as well!

Well, we'll have to wait until April to find out!


Meanwhile, Kate is reportedly still suffering from an extreme form of morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). 

Prince William has revealed that they've even tried home remedies like ginger biscuits, but with little success, “There’s not much ginger can do to stop that. We’ve done all that.”

She was so sick, she even had to miss Prince George's first day of school.

It certainly looks like things are getting better, for the Duchess has resumed making public appearances.

And if a little birdie is to be believed, she is all set for a home birth this time around! Here's hoping for a hassle-free pregnancy and delivery for our favourite royal!

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