Justin Trudeau's son Hadrien spent a week in India taking hilarious pictures

Justin Trudeau's son Hadrien spent a week in India taking hilarious pictures

Justin Trudeau's son Hadrien upstaged his father and stole hearts and the limelight during the family's week-long visit to India. Read on to know more.

Justin Trudeau’s son Hadrien stole the show and many hearts with his adorable antics and tantrums when Canada’s first family visited India early this year. During their official photo-ops, Hadrien Trudeau couldn’t help but be himself: a three-year-old toddler. 

Given how difficult it can be to upstage Justin Trudeau, Hadrien was clearly up for the job and didn’t disappoint.  

Justin Trudeau’s son Hadrien steals hearts and limelight 

Accompanied by mum Sophie Gregoire and siblings Xavier, 10, and Ella-Grace, nine, the now four-year-old proved that he was truly enjoying his threenage years.

Pictures of him face planting at Rajghat, a memorial for Mahatama Gandhi, running away from mum, and chilling with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have made it into the list of funniest Trudeau family snaps!

Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at some of the cutest and most hilarious moments from their recent visit. 

1. Hadrien greets India coolly. Well, almost!

Upon their arrival in New Delhi, the Trudeaus surprised everybody with fancy almost costume-like attires and warm ‘namastes‘ all around And while Hadrien seemed to be on-board with the costumes, he wasn’t in a mood for a greeting. 

He was photographed looking at everybody waiting on them, as the family folded hands in a traditional Indian “Hello.”

Justin Trudeau's son Hadrien

Justin Trudeau’s son Hadrien: “Sorry, I don’t feel like being polite.” | Image courtesy: Twitter screengrab

After a short trip to the Taj Mahal, the family was then taken to Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It was here that people saw the toddler running around, just being himself. 

Justin Trudeau's son Hadrien

Guys, let me show you how it’s done! | Image courtesy: Twitter screengrab

Not to forget, he also showed everybody some very cool dance moves!

2. Could young Hadrien be India’s coolest guest ever? We think so! 

After their trip to Ahmedabad, the Trudeaus reached the national capital of New Delhi. Here, they were greeted by none other than Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But it seemed as though nothing or no one — not even the Prime Minister himself — could impress Hadrien!

Justin Trudeau's son Hadrien

“Mom, Dad! Can we get on with more important things like food and games?” | Image courtesy: Twitter screengrab

As the politician greeted the family warmly, he couldn’t help but fall for the charms of the little toddler. He was caught on camera stroking the little boy’s cherubic cheeks and just watching him not being bothered by anything. 

Nonetheless, these made for some of the funniest snaps.  

3. Hadrien  had a field day at Rajghat 

While in Delhi, the Trudeaus were taken for a quick trip to some of the most famous historical places. Chief among them was Rajghat, a memorial for Mahatama Gandhi. 

Justin Trudeau's son Hadrien

“Daddy, you tie mine, I’ll tie yours, okay?” | Image courtesy: Twitter screengrab

Usually, a sombre mood accompanies people who visit the place. But Hadrien wasn’t interested in being serious.

Being his usual playful self, he played with flowers, face-planted on the ground, asked his parents a zillion questions and couldn’t be bothered about the seriousness of it all. 

Justin Trudeau's son Hadrien

“Hurrah! Where’s the party tonight? Take me quickly!” — that’s what we think Justin Trudeau’s son Hadrien is saying here! | Image courtesy: Twitter screengrab

Incidentally, this is the not the first time Hadrien has stolen the limelight with his cute antics. He is known for his naughty ways. But hey! What toddler isn’t?

Hadrien’s playful acts and his parents’ willingness to just let the child be, even though it was a diplomatic trip, showed us the Trudeaus’ chilled out parenting style. It also showcases the fact that travelling with a toddler can be made easy, if you allow them some down time. 

If you are also travelling with a tot who has his own mind, then perhaps take a cue from this lovely family. 

Take 3: Justin Trudeau’s parenting style is on point

1. Cool yet in control

Yes, Hadrien did have his public meltdowns. But Sophie and Justin maintained their cool and let him do whatever he wanted, within permissible limits.

He wasn’t allowed to wander off, but they didn’t stop him from exploring everything around them. Even during his meltdowns, they were careful not to scold or school him in full public view. 

Justin Trudeau's son Hadrien

Justin Trudeau’s son Hadrien gets a little lift right before the family posed in front of the Taj Mahal. | Image courtesy: Twitter screengrab

And when he wasn’t up for things anymore, there was always a push (or throw) to lift his spirits!

2. Encouraging cultural experiences

In a recent interview with The Star, Trudeau admitted that his kids travelled easily, and that made it easy for him and Sophie take care of them when in full public view. 

“Reasonably well. Reasonably well. Certainly, in terms of adjusting to jet lag, I think I’ve had a lifetime of experience that leaves me better off than they are. But in terms of being excited about new places and trying new things and tasting new food, they’ve been great,” said the Prime Minister. 

3. Kids first, everything else comes later 

The young couple have also maintained that keeping their family first has been key in being successful parents. In his interview, Trudeau mentioned that while he worries about work, he also makes sure to come back to his kids on time. 

“I’d look back and say, ‘OK, did the work I do in Ottawa as a simple backbencher MP contribute to a world that is better enough to compensate for the fact that I wasn’t there to put my kids to bed for three nights in a row?’ ” he shared.

We think we like you very much, Mr Trudeau!


Sources: The Star, The Huffington Post 

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