Parents, guess who's bringing sexy back to the nursery?

Parents, guess who's bringing sexy back to the nursery?

Justin Timberlake, of course! Find out why he's lifted the trophy of this year's sexiest new dad...

In April 2015, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake became parents to son Silas Randall.

And now, Timberlake has been handed the highest daddy accolade in Hollywood — he’s been named PEOPLE’s Sexiest New Dad 2015!

“I’ve never slept less and dealt with more poop, and been SO excited about it!”, the superstar singer tells PEOPLE, when talking about looking after his 7-month-old baby boy.

His wife Biel reveals that Timberlake is a hand-on dad, saying, “he is doing it all… he is in there; he’s in there deep.”

justin timberlake is sexiest new dad

Such cuties, both of them!
Image: Justin Timberlake/Instagram

Bringing sexy back to the nursery…

Timberlake certainly seems to be enjoying fatherhood.

During a visit to The Tonight Show, he told Jimmy Fallon that fatherhood is “the most insanely amazing, most beautiful, unbelievable thing that can ever happen to you, ” before proudly telling the audience that Silas’ first word was “dada.”

The proud dad even took to Instagram on Father’s Day to post a picture of his little one flaunting an adorable “I Heart Dad” onesie.

He also knows how to give love and credit where it’s due, recently saying of Biel, “Baby, I love you more than I could put into words and more than any song I could ever write.”

We have to agree, there’s nothing sexier than a dad who’s a mean diaper-changer and gives the best complements ever to the mother of his child! Taking notes, dads?

Lead image: Jimmy Fallon/Twitter

Are there any other celebrity dads who you think are unbearably sexy? Tell us in a comment below. 

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