Justin Timberlake absolutely loves this daddy-daughter dancing duo!

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Check out this adorable dance cover of 'Can't Stop the Feeling' that has totally won over thousands of viewers around the world---including Justin Timberlake himself!

Barely a week since Justin Timberlakes’ new song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” spread good vibes on the radio, it’s also inspired a viral dance video.

The cute cover features a daddy-daughter dancing duo in coordinated pink and white outfits dancing to the chart-topping single.

Josh Rinder and his 6-year-old daughter are the stars of the viral video which is, needless to say, the most adorable dance cover we’ve seen in a while.

With their fancy footwork and freestyling moves, we won't be surprised if you'd want to see more from this dancing duo!

Groove along to the video below.

Justin Timberlake himself gushed about the video on twitter. Telling his 55.3 million followers: “This is the cutest damn thing EVER.”

But this isn’t the first time the dancing dad and daughter made waves on social media.

Back in 2014, when adorable Audrey was only 4 years old, they had another viral moment thanks to their original routine to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”.

We can’t wait for these two to put on their dancing shoes again!

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