Singer Jolin Tsai 'Proposes' To Mayday's Ashin During Concert

Singer Jolin Tsai 'Proposes' To Mayday's Ashin During Concert

We totally 'ship' them.

Jolin Tsai to Mayday’s Ashin: “I will marry you today if you agree today.”

That was what set the crowd screaming in 5-member band Mayday’s recent concert Just Rock It!!! Blue concert, a The Straits Times report revealed

39-year-old Tsai attended the concert in Shanghai on Nov 3, 2019 as a guest Singer, and her unexpected ‘proposal’ have brought both Singers into the spotlight once again.

Jolin Tsai And Mayday Ashin ‘Shipped’ By Netizens

Jolin Tsai And Mayday Ashin

A moment captured where Tsai smiled at Ashin while engaging in some ballroom dancing. (Photo by ASHIN / @ashin_ig)

Tsai and Ashin—whose actual name is Chen Shin-hung—have always been rumoured by netizens to having romantic links with each other.

It got to a point where Ashin, 43, once went absent from Tsai’s concert to avoid further fuelling of the rumours.

“Are you still allergic to me?”

Still, that did not stop Tsai from being a little playful in her exchange with Ashin: “Are you still allergic to me?”

His response: “No lah, I was really unwell then”

Truth or not, the ball is in Ashin’s court now, commented Mayday member Monster. 

The pair continued to perform two songs together, one which they co-wrote together, titled “Womxnly” and another “Marry Me Today”, a duet which Tsai had performed with David Tao previously, according to The Straits Times. 

Is Love In The Air?

It was a moment to behold when Tsai ended in Ashin’s arms smiling while engaging in some ballroom dancing. 

Fans of Tsai and Ashin can now relive the moment over and over as the snapshot had been posted on social media by the both of them.

Great News For Fans Of Jolin Tsai And Mayday Ashin?

According to The Straits Times, Tsai would be holding her own concerts in December and January at the Taipei Arena and has invited Mayday “for a date on Jan 5”.

Aww! Could they be the one true pairing?


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