Jamie Chua's handbag collection will take your breath away!

Jamie Chua's handbag collection will take your breath away!

For every handbag lover checking out Jamie Chua's handbags is a must. Her collection is housed in a closet that looks more like a shop! Don't miss this must see collection!

Unless you live under a rock in Singapore, there’s no way you cannot have heard of Jamie Chua! You know what she looks like; after all, she does have over 600K followers on Instagram. But, do you know what Jamie Chua’s handbags look like?

We did a little digging and it turns out that Jamie has more handbags then most of us can imagine!  Her collection is so extensive she could probably wear a different bag for every day of the year!  

Jamie Chua’s Handbags are Heavenly!

Jamie recently shared some photos of her newly renovated closet that houses all her treasures.  It is reported that Jamie has one of the largest collection of Hermes bags in the world with over 200+ pieces, and that’s not counting the other designers!  

Jamie Chua's handbags

Handbag Paradise! Image Source: Instagram

Although Jamie has other designer handbags, Hermes classics the Birkin and the Kelly are clearly her favourites!

No matter what the outfit or occasion, Jamie has the Hermes bag to match. Birkin and Kelly bags can be ordered in a variety of sizes and materials which all affect the price and the length of time you need to wait for your order.   

Starting from over $7000 USD (Kelly) and over $9000 USD (Birkin) and going well into six-figure sums, these Hermes classics are the ultimate status symbol.

Jamie Chua's handbags

Beautiful Birkin! Image Source: Instagram

Fashionista or Investor?

Although clearly a fashion staple for one of Singapore’s most influential socialites, Jamie Chua’s handbags have additional advantages. 

Hermes bags, especially the Birkin, are considered by many to be a wise investment as the bags continue to appreciate with time. According to The Independent, these bags have “only ever experienced various levels of positive fluctuation”. Looks like Jamie is not only a savvy shopper but a sound investor! 

Although a Hermes bag can also be an investment, for those of us not ready or able for that kind of commitment it is still a good idea to look for investment pieces. 

Investment pieces are not investments in the traditional sense, rather a great quality, classic that will last you for years.  It is really worth saving up for the bag that will travel and age with you over the next five to ten years.

Investments pieces make a statement about your style without succumbing to revolving trends.  Does this have to be Celine or Chanel? Not at all.  If top designers are outside of your budget, look for high quality leather bags that are classic and will age well. 

You may find your perfect fit in a leather market or at a local artisan’s business.  If you are travelling in areas known for their quality goods and craftsmanship (leather especially), take some time to see if your statement piece is there.  If it is you will have a memory to go with it as the bag travels with you.

Jamie Chua's handbags

The captivating Kelly! Image Source: Instagram

Do you want to make a statement like Jamie? 

Jamie Chua's handbags

Accessory Accents! Image Source: Instagram

Don’t have the luxury of having Jamie Chua’s handbags? Don’t worry, you can  still get some great style tips from her. 

Instead of buying a handbag for every day of the week, find a statement piece you love and save up for it. 

Let your handbag be an extension of you, a bag that not only works for you needs but shows off your individual style!

Jamie Chua's handbags

Classic and compact! Image Source: Instagram

Want the look but like most of us can’t afford the price tag? Check out these structured and streamlined options from designer to budget.

For the High Flyer:

Jamie Chua's handbags

Image Source: Netaporter

Left: MIU MIUMiu Click two-tone textured-leather tote

Price: $2,287 USD

Right: FENDI

Price: $3,022 USD

Top Handbag Tip:

  • If you are buying a designer bag, choose an investment piece that will grow with you and you will use for years.

For the Monkey in the Middle:

Jamie Chua's handbags

Image Source: Michael Kors

Left: MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS, Mercer Color-Block Leather Crossbody

Right: MICHAEL MICHAEL KORSMercer Large Color-Block Leather Tote

Price: $298.00 USD

Top Handbag tip: 
  • If you are petite, look for a smaller bag as larger bags will draw attention to your height!

For the Saavy Saver:

Jamie Chua's handbags

Image Source: Charles and Keith

Left: CHARLES & KEITH Large Geometric Handbag

Price: $ 95.90 SGD
Right: CHARLES & KEITH Embellished Buckle Bag
Price: $ 79.90 SGD
Top Handbag tip: 
  • When looking for your perfect bag, if you can’t afford to buy multiple options, look for a style that can take you from morning to evening.  Also choose a colour that will compliment the majority of your wardrobe while you save up for your second statement piece!

Meanwhile, we can only dream to even own an extensive collection of handbags like Jamie Chua! For now, we can only admire from afar.

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