Celebrity couple Jaime Teo and Daniel Ong divorce after 9 years of marriage

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Yet another celebrity couple have announced their decision to go separate ways. Jaime Teo and Daniel Ong have split, after 9 years of marriage...

2016 was a rather sad year for celebrity marriages and at the very end of the year, on Dec 31, came yet another shock announcement. Former Miss Singapore Universe and actress, Jaime Teo, and ex-radio DJ Daniel Ong, revealed their decision to separate, ending 9 years of marriage.

They have a six-year-old daughter, Renee.

The couple are business partners too, having founded Twelve Cupcakes together in 2011, a chain which has since then expanded to 40 outlets across six countries.

Both released similar statements

According to The Straits Times, both made the announcement public on their respective Instagram accounts, releasing almost identical statements. They revealed that they have in fact been divorced since August 2016.


Both emphasised that, “Though our journey as a couple has ended, we will always remain friends and our focus is now on giving Renee as normal a childhood as possible.”


They further requested for words of support and encouragement, “We ask for your kindness, prayers, and love as we walk into 2017 – if you have something to say, please let it be out of love and words of encouragement. This has been a heartbreaking and a very tough time but we look forward to a brand new 2017 and future.”

We hope 2017 brings more positivity and cheer to their lives.

When parents decide to go their separate ways, it is children who usually get caught at the crossroads. What can parents do to ensure that their decision to lead separate lives does not impact their kids negatively? Go to the next page to find out…

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