Jacqueline Wong finally breaks 7-month-long silence to address her fans

Jacqueline Wong finally breaks 7-month-long silence to address her fans

"I really have a lot of feelings about this."

It was perhaps the biggest scandal of the year.

Yes, even more so than the leaked sexy DMs between local actors Ian Fang and Carrie Wong.

While everyone — Andy Hui, Sammi Cheng and Kenneth Ma — involved in the hot mess has said their piece, the other woman at the eye of the storm, Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong, has been completely silent for the past seven months since her public apology.

But all that changed when Jacqueline, 30, made an Instagram post yesterday (Nov 10), breaking her prolonged silence.

Since her disappearance from the public eye, rumours about Andy’s mistress have been flying and they have been rather… colourful. While lying low, the disgraced artiste has been plagued with speculations about her ‘pregnancy’ and financial stability. It was even reported that she allegedly changed her name and is now residing in Canada as a property agent.

Hot on the heels of the latest rumour where Jacqueline is said to be preparing for childbirth in Los Angeles, she resurfaced on Instagram but addressed neither the scandal nor the rumours that have spread in the wake of her silence.

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Image source: Instagram (@jacquelinebwong)

Instead, she was concerned about the reception for her previous acting project, Finding Her Voice, which is currently airing on TVB Jade.

Jacqueline’s post shows a stack of scripts from the show, accompanied by the caption: “Finding Her Voice was supposed to be shelved, then it was rumoured to be refilmed. After that, the reshoot didn’t happen and it eventually became the station’s anniversary drama.

“I really have a lot of feelings about this. Apart from being overjoyed that the show is being aired in its original form, the biggest feeling in my heart is that ‘I’m scared’.

“I’m scared that I would affect the ratings of the show. I’m scared of wasting everyone’s efforts. There are only five episodes left and I am deeply thankful to everyone who has made it possible for the drama to be aired and those who have tuned in.

“I want to especially thank my co-stars and colleagues for their understanding. I hope everyone is well.”

It’s not surprising that the actress is relieved that Finding Her Voice was aired as it may be the one bright spot in the sea of darkness that has surrounded her since her affair with Andy went public.

Her other shows, The Offliners and The Maid Alliance, were canned while Forensic Heroes 4 was refilmed and her role was replaced by fellow actress Natalie Tong.

As for her relationship with then-boyfriend, Hong Kong actor Kenneth, it’s safe to say that it has been cancelled as well.

During his visit to Singapore recently, and the first since the scandal, the 45-year-old told The Straits Times that he’ll leave his love life to fate.

He said: “I will leave relationship matters to fate, I won’t force it. Now, I’m just hard at work filming and making money.”


This post was first published on AsiaOne and was republished on theAsianparent with permission. 

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