Top 6 Items Parents With Toddlers Do Not Need To Buy

Top 6 Items Parents With Toddlers Do Not Need To Buy

Do you really need these 6 items to be a good toddler parent?

Okay parents, admittedly it’s nice to spoil your toddler every now and then. It’s okay to have nice things for your kids, but when you spend the big bucks on something new, there’s an implied value that you’ll get good use out of the purchased item. If not, you can be left feeling gypped.

While it’s easy to get carried away with spending when you’re having a baby, you’ll want to be a little more frugal and extraneous when supplying your toddler with their wants and needs.

Check out this list 6 things parents of toddlers can live without and save yourself the time, effort, and money of investing in these senseless toddler items:

1. Potty seats/chairs

6 Items Parents of Toddlers Can Live Without

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The point of potty-training your kids is to train them to use the big boy toilet, right? So is there really any need to spend on a potty seat or chair? Not to mention the mess. Most potty chairs don’t have a flusher or source of water, so that means you’re going to have to do some cleaning after each use!

If your kid truly benefits from potty seats or chairs, then by all means purchase a seat and don’t feel bad for it However, if you think your toddler is up to the challenge of using the big boy toilet, then let them go for it. You’ll be saving money and time by letting them make the big transition.


2. Faucet extenders

6 Items Parents of Toddlers Can Live Without

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While good in theory these needless items are a bit unnecessary. The basic point of these is to bring your toddler’s hands closer to the sink to make it easier for them to wash their hands. The problem is that a stepping stool or set of mini-stairs can handle this problem. Admittedly, the ones that are sharped like animals are insanely cute, but do you really need to spend extra for this toddler item?


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3. Expensive toddler clothes

Source: The News Rack

Source: The News Rack

It can be fun and exciting to dress toddlers up in new and expensive clothes. However, they’ll grow out of these pricey pants and shirts just as they grew out of their costly onesies when they were babies. A couple nice garments are appropriate, but you needn’t splurge on your toddlers entire wardrobe. If you can, buy cheaper clothes and embrace hand-me-downs.


4. Bed bumper/rail



These toddler items were built to assuage any worries that parents had about their children rolling out of the bed. Obviously, the transition from crib to bed can be tricky, but a bed bumper or rail isn’t really needed. If your toddler has rolled out of the bed before, then perhaps it’s wise to invest, otherwise, consider putting a pillow by the kid’s bedside as a precaution.

Some parents, invest in bed bumpers because they claim it helps keep their kids in bed. To which I ask, “So it’s a bigger version of a crib? Except now (as you can see in the photo) it’s easier to escape?” Save yourself the money and time spent sleep training your kids and have them try out sleeping in a bed sans bed bumper.


5. Expensive toddler toys

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As with anything, buying kids expensive toys is fine in moderation. You want your kids to have fun with their play things, but keep in mind that toddlers can have fun with just about anything. That, and their attention spans aren’t exactly as well-crafted as yours. In other words, that new kiddy cruiser won;t hold their attention for as long as the price tag would imply.

If you want to spend sensibly, try buying your kids something cheaper but engaging. Puzzles, coloring books, educational games, etc.


6. Reusable food pouches



It’s a bit strange to think of the invention of the food pouch. Personally, it’s a bit off-putting to turn perfectly good food into a paste, and then put that paste into a pouch so a child can enjoy it in a tube. While it is technically a green option, and they reduce the mess of snack time quite a bit, I tend to lean on the side of more traditional food options.

Kids can’t eat their food in paste form for their entire lives, so you shouldn’t form or support the habit of your child constantly eating their food in pouches.

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