Items From NDP 2020 Packs Leaked in Photo Circulating Online, Collection of Packs From 20 Jul

Items From NDP 2020 Packs Leaked in Photo Circulating Online, Collection of Packs From 20 Jul

Residents can collect a pack from CC's and RC's starting 20 July.

While Singaporeans might experience a relatively different National Day Parade (NDP) this year due to the pandemic, some things never change—such as receiving the highly anticipated NDP fun packs, year after year. 

This year’s NDP pack, also known as the Singapore Together pack, will be available for collection from 20 July to 2 August 2020 from Community Clubs (CCs) and Residents’ Committee centres.

The production of packs will also be sufficient for 80% of households, according to Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen while speaking in parliament on 5 June 2020.

This comes after Singaporeans provided feedback in previous NDP packs distribution, saying that they did not need them, according to him.

Items from Singapore Together Pack Circulates Online

According to a fact sheet by the NDP 2020 executive committee, there will be 12 items in the 2020 NDP pack instead of the usual 20 to 25 items.

It stated that items such as hand sanitisers, a thermometer, face masks and more are included. There will also be items in the pack that “express our collective love and wishes for Singapore (sic)”, Mr Ong said.

However, it is only until recently did some members of the public get to see the supposed real deal. 

Photos of the alleged actual items from the Singapore Together pack have been circulating on messaging apps and social media, such as on Facebook and Instagram

Items From NDP 2020 Packs

Items from NDP 2020 packs leaked, found to resemble those stated by the NDP committee. | Image Source: Facebook/Eugene NT Tan

Items depicted in the above photo matches with what the NDP committee said the Singapore Together Pack will include: 

  • Two bottles of hand sanitisers
  • Thermometer
  • Face masks
  • A digital discount booklet 
  • Two national flags – a full-sized cloth flag and a handheld version
  • Iron-on flags – you can attach them onto reusable face masks
  • Red-filter mini stickers – you can attach them to phone torches for a “light up moment” on the evening of the NDP
  • Face tattoos 
  • A pledge card – to encourage Singaporeans to take action towards worthy causes and express their appreciation to frontline workers during the pandemic
  • Snacks and canned drinks provided by local food and beverage companies 
  • A Singapore Together commemorative magnet

The bag (not featured above) that will be used to contain the items, will serve as a reusable grocery bag that can be folded into a pouch.

Items From NDP 2020 Packs Leaked in Photo Circulating Online, Collection of Packs From 20 Jul

Image Source: Facebook screengrab

According to Dr Ng, the designs featured on the bags are by artists with disabilities and some Primary Five pupils.

Where and When to Collect?

Interested Singapore residents can choose if they want to receive a Singapore Together Pack by simply heading down to the Community Clubs (CCs) and Residents’ Committee centres.

Collection will run from Monday, 20 July 2020 to Sunday, 2 August 2020. 

Each Singaporean and permanent resident household will be able to collect a pack.

Those who do not need certain items from the pack can return them to the collection points set up. These items or packs will then be re-used or redistributed to the vulnerable groups. 

And especially so in times of the pandemic, these resources could be better channeled and help support those who truly need them.

Fewer NDP packs are said to be produced this year, catering to 80 per cent of households rather than the 90 to 95 per cent annually. 


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Items From NDP 2020 Packs Leaked in Photo Circulating Online, Collection of Packs From 20 Jul

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