20 signs your child is the next Albert Einstein

20 signs your child is the next Albert Einstein

We've all wanted and hoped that our children turn out to be as smart as Albert Einstein! Genius is what a genius does, but how can one spot the signs of a genius? We share 20 signs that could reveal you are raising a genius in the form of a child.

signs your child is a genius Always wondering if your child is anything like Albert Einstein? We tell you about signs that indicate your child is a genius

The internet has been abuzz recently with news of brilliant children who exhibit signs of genius. The two new wonder-kids, Neha Ramu and Jacob Barnett, are being lauded for their high IQs and immensely young age. The two might just be experiencing the full blooms of puberty but both have proven to be in a league of their own. The teens who are 13 and 14 respectively have IQs higher than the genius minds of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. Neha Ramu has an IQ of 162 and recently joined the ranks of brilliant minds in MENSA. Jacob Barnett on the other hand has an IQ of 189 and was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism. He is now getting his Masters in Physics at Indiana University.

Question is did their parents know what to look out for when they were growing up? If so, then what are some of the signs your child is a genius? We tell you!

What makes a genius

So what does it take to be a genius and how do you actually spot the signs your child is a genius? Although there is no hard and fast rule or ways to spot or become a genius, most of genius or gifted children exhibit these characteristics while growing up. We share 20 signs your child is a genius:

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  1. He is a fast learner - learns rapidly, easily, and efficiently
  2. Loquacious - having an exceptionally large vocabulary for their age
  3. Power of reasoning - Demonstrates unusual reasoning power even at a young age
  4. Has an unusually strong memory, but easily bored when asked to memorise or recite
  5. Self-disciplined - requires little outside control
  6. Prefers structure, order and consistency
  7. Thinks creatively and often makes unusual and unexpected associations between ideas
  8. Extremely curious about everything
  9. Asks thought provoking questions
  10. Makes good grades in most subjects
  11. Very focused and displays intense concentration when doing something
  12. Answers most questions accurately and rapidly
  13. Is highly resourceful - solving problems by ingenious methods
  14. Displays an avid interest in science or literature
  15. Displays originality in oral and written expression
  16. Is emotionally secure
  17. Tends to dominate peers or situations
  18. Uses a lot of common sense
  19. Displays a willingness to accept complexity
  20. Is perceptually open to his or her environment

signs your child is a genius After checking out 20 signs your child is a genius, do you think any of them apply to your young one?

Dealing with giftedness

Does your child exhibit all or most of these characteristics? Then perhaps you could have a gifted or genius child. The most important part in dealing with a gifted child is to understand that they learn differently and it is what makes them above average. They are usually not stimulated by the same things their peers with average IQs are stimulated by. Thus, find out how you can nurture that extraordinary gift in your child so that they can reach their true genius potential.

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Have you spotted any of the above 'signs your child is a genius'? If so, tell us what all you've noticed. Check out the video below to know more on the signs your child is a genius and how to spot them:

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