Is Kanye West suffering from postpartum depression?

Is Kanye West suffering from postpartum depression?

His recent meltdowns, mood swings, and publicised 'financial woes' have caused many to worry his mental health. Is Kanye West okay?

Though Kanye West’s eccentricity is no longer a surprise to the public. His latest meltdowns, mood swings, and self-confessed financial woes have caused many to question if the rapper is going through something more serious.

The 38-year-old rapper took to twitter to make his financial problems known, directly asking Facebook found Mark Zuckerberg to loan him $53 million.

His latest album, the Life of Pablo, is loaded with hints of mental health problems as well as jabs at Taylor Swift.

Many question his mental stability and his new record, The Life of Pablo, does little to allay the public’s worries. On one of his new songs, “Feedback,” he raps,”I been outta my mind a long time…Name one genius that ain’t crazy.” 

Just recently, an audio recording was leaked of him going on an expletive-ridden meltdown backstage at Saturday Night Live. Here, he again disses Taylor Swift. But many noticed that Taylor Swift’s Grammy speech was mostly directed at him.

But a source close to him later told People, “This audio was secretly recorded while he was venting his frustration in a private moment with his team. He found out his stage design was changed and taken apart under the direction of the show’s lighting director without anyone’s approval.” 

According to the insider, Kanye reached out to the producer and the staff after the show, hugging and thanking them before he left the studio.

Since his wife Kim Kardashian gave birth to their son, Saint West last December 5, 2015, Kanye seems to have been spinning out of control.

Though fatherhood usually softens most men, the opposite has been seen in Kanye West.

Many have been alarmed by Kanye being more than his usual “narcissistic self”.

Could the extreme pressures of life in the limelight as well as being a husband and father be causing his depression? We take a closer look on the next page

Kanye reportedly had an easy transition when North was born. But with the birth of his son, Saint, many have been assuming that the Kanye is feeling the pressure more so now to be a “good dad”.


kanye with north

Kanye absolutely adores his 2-year-old daughter, North. But now that he’s a dad of two, is he feeling too much pressure?

Could Kanye West be suffering from paternal depression without knowing it? 

1 in 4 new dads have postpartum depression. This not only occurs after their first child is born.

Postpartum depression isn’t just the “baby blues.” It’s defined as a “severe depression marked by feelings of sadness or emptiness, withdrawal from family and friends, a strong sense of failure, and even thoughts of suicide.”

Some celebrities, like Brooke Shields and Hayden Panettiere, have admitted to battling depression after birth.

A source close to Kim and Kanye tells people that despite the friction Kanye’s recent antics have caused their relationship, Kim continues to support Kanye through all of it.

“I haven’t felt personally concerned about his well being,” says Kanye’s longtime friend, in an interview with People. “Every time I talk with him – which is almost every day – he’s extremely good-natured, [and] in a great mood.”

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