Ironing your baby’s clothes has these 4 benefits you never knew

Ironing your baby’s clothes has these 4 benefits you never knew

After washing, your next line of defence is ironing baby clothes.

We all know that baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive, just like their still-developing immune system. Even just a little exposure to chemicals, fragrances, bacteria and other organisms can cause redness, itchiness, or rashes. These, in turn, can cause major discomfort to your baby and sleepless nights for mommy. A possible solution is one you may not have thought of before: ironing baby clothes.

Washing alone can’t protect your baby’s skin from irritants that may get stuck onto his clothing, pillow cases, and linens. Did you know that there’s a next line of defence that moms can count on to help protect baby’s ultra-sensitive skin? One that won’t just have baby’s clothes smelling and looking fresh but will also get rid of unwanted organisms hiding in his clothing?

For centuries people have been using ironing to erase creases in clothing. A more important yet not widely known benefit is that it kills bacteria hiding in fabric. This is crucial in caring for your baby’s clothes.

Ironing your baby’s clothes has these 4 benefits you never knew

4 Good Reasons to Iron Your Baby’s Clothes After Washing

1. Ironing baby clothes helps eliminate unwanted odours, makes them smell fresh and clean

At times, even washing clothes with lots of detergent just won’t do the trick. Sometimes stains on baby’s clothes (like food and milk spills) can leave unwanted odours even after washing. This can irritate your baby and may cause discomfort to your tot. Running your baby’s clothes through an iron can help eliminate these nasty odours.

2. It makes sure clothes are fully dry by eliminating trapped moisture

Let’s face it, with a mother’s busy schedule and a baby’s need to change clothes so often, who has time to hang clothes under the sun for long? At times, moms find themselves retrieving items of clothing even before it’s fully and completely dry – especially when the baby needs it right away! But trapped moisture is the perfect breeding ground for nasty bacteria which can, in turn, cause skin infections.Ironing helps fully dry clothing by getting rid of trapped moisture. The heat reaches even creases of clothing making sure bacteria won’t grow and breed in hard-to-reach corners.

3. Ironing baby clothes kills bacteria trapped in the microscopic fibers

Baby's skin is very sensitive and is prone to infections and irritation. As such, moms should take extra steps to protect baby’s skin. One way to do this is ironing, which kills bacteria trapped in clothing that detergents might not have eliminated completely.

What’s more, even the washing machine can hold bacteria from all the dirty and soiled clothes it comes in contact with. Think urine, poop or baby food stains (a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and thrive). Also, when was the last time you actually cleaned your washing machine (if ever)? After washing, your next line of defence is ironing.

Ironing your baby’s clothes has these 4 benefits you never knew

4. Kills insects and organisms that may get trapped in baby’s clothes

Throughout the washing process, especially while you hang clothes out to dry, little insects and bugs can get trapped inside the folds and corners of your baby’s clothes, towels or linens. Without heat, they will stay in your baby's clothes and come out when your baby uses them. Before you know it, the little one will have bug bites or rashes all over.

The best way to make sure this doesn't happen is to iron baby's clothes in order to kill tiny insects that may have gotten inside baby’s clothing that you may not see right away.

Ironing, especially for your baby’s clothes, has so many benefits that washing alone can’t do. It’s a mom’s last line of defense against bacteria, unwanted odours, and organisms that may harm baby’s sensitive skin.

An Iron Perfect for Busy Moms

Ironing your baby’s clothes has these 4 benefits you never knew

So now you may be on the hunt for the perfect iron for your family. But don’t just chose any iron. Invest in one with the latest in ironing technology, like Tefal, the Number 1 in Glide*. Tefal Durilium Airglide Soleplate technology that helps

 the iron glide smoothly onto clothes cuts your ironing time drastically. It is scratch-resistant with durable soleplate and 100% active steam holes which distribute steam evenly for easy ironing.

What’s best about it though is that Tefal irons are designed for effortless gliding, so you don’t have to worry about backaches and pains from ironing. All Tefal irons also have Auto Off function (yes, you don’t have to perennially worry if you forget to unplug it). They’re perfect for tired and busy moms. 

Ironing your baby’s clothes has these 4 benefits you never knew

If you’re keen on protecting your baby’s adorable clothes, you can choose to get the Tefal Smart Protect Steam Iron FV4980 that is 100% safe for all fabrics. No need to go through the hassle of changing the settings for different clothing items when you’re ironing clothes for the entire household. Think of how much time you’ll save! The perfect choice for amateurs!

Ironing your baby’s clothes has these 4 benefits you never knew

Or you can get the Tefal Ultimate Anti-Calc Steam Iron FV9785. Its strong steam boost means easy crease removal for you. It also comes with exceptional power of 3000W for fast heating and long-lasting steam performance compared to other Tefal soleplate. 

Ironing your baby’s clothes has these 4 benefits you never knew

Tefal Durilium Airglide Steam Irons are now available at all leading retail stores. Find out more at:

*Compared to other Tefal soleplate

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