InterContinental Singapore launches their Planet Trekkers menu for kids

InterContinental Singapore launches their Planet Trekkers menu for kids

InterContinental Singapore recently launched their Planet Trekkers menu exclusively with kiddies in mind. Keep reading for more on the menu and the launch party.

InterContinental Singapore recently held a dinner party for over 20 kids to celebrate the launch of their Planet Trekkers menu, designed exclusively with kiddies in mind.

I was delighted to be invited to this event together with my 5-year-old daughter – what better way to introduce a new menu to kids than having a party and letting them try the food firsthand?

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The fabulous launch party organised by InterContinental Singapore.

An award-winning collaboration

ThePlanet Trekkers menu was created by award-winning chef Theo Randall and international bestselling kid’s cookbook author & child food expert Annabel Karmel.

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Penne Pasta with Red-Red Sauce. Simple and delicious served with Parmesan cheese.

Phil Broad, Vice President of InterContinental Hotels & Resorts properties,spoke at the dinner party and said that an exciting part of the development of the Planet Trekkers menu was that Theo Randall and Annabel Karmel conducted a tasting session for a group of kiddies to find out their thoughts on the menu, before the official launch.

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Nutritious and delicious – what a perfect combination! Chinese fried rice and chicken.

Nutrition is at the core of every dish

The fantastic thing about the menu is that it was created with nutrition in mind. Each item on the menu is nutritionally balanced, and features many different textures and flavours to entice little foodies.

The dishes featured on the menu include a delectable mix of Eastern and Western flavours that encourage young palates to explore different varieties of foods.

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Crunchy Veggies and Hummus Dip – the food on the menu is visually stunning as well. The vibrant colours are sure to entice little foodies.

More than half a million kids visit the 181 InterContinental Hotels and Resorts every year so the new menu offers these little Planet Trekkers a chance to ‘explore’ thoughtfully crafted, beautifully presented and amazingly delicious meals in every country they visit.

Parents can also be happy that their kids will have nutritious meals even though they are not at home.

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Wok and Roll Pad Thai – what a catchy name! This Pad Thai had all the flavours a ‘grown up’ Pad Thai would have – all minus the chili component which is perfect for kids!

An awesome party to celebrate the launch of Planet Trekkers

The dinner party that my daughter and I attended was exceptionally well-organised and the guests – both the young and not-so-young ones – really had a great time.

There was a magician, balloon sculptor, do-it-yourself ice cream Sunday counter and the best part – a selection of the Planet Trekkers menu.

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At the dinner party. It was a kid’s dream – balloons, lots of fun activities, an entertaining magician and the delectable food.

The best part – the food!

The kids were served an assortment of small dishes, big dishes and desserts, including the Smiley Tomato Soup, Broccoli Sweet Corn Fritters, Spaghetti Bolognese with Hide and Seek Vegetables, Wok and Roll Pad Thai, Iced Watermelon Popsicles, Lychee Frogurt, Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sundae and others.

We parents were not left out either – we also got to try out the menu and give our opinion. I felt that the dishes were full of flavour and, although they are catered to kids, they were certainly not bland.

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Krispie Fish Fingers – a favourite among many kids and a fantastic way to get little ones to eat their daily portion of fish.

My daughter loved the Bolognese with Hide and Seek Veggies. It is a hearty and nutritious meal, and she just gobbled up an entire plateful.

Many kids loved the fried rice, which is accompanied by sticky and sweet chicken. Of course, it goes without saying that the desserts were a hit with everyone present!

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How delicious do these mini burgers look? I can tell you – they were to die for! Juicy and flavourful and the kids seemed to love them too.

Something to suit every little Planet Trekker!

It is also great that the Planet Trekkers menu has something to suit every little explorer and all the menu items are described in detail so parents know what exactly is inside the dish. This is particularly helpful if your child has food allergies.

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Interactive dessert station. It goes without saying that all the kids had a blast creating their own ice cream sundaes.

Here in Singapore, the Planet Trekkers menu is available for room service and at the Olive Tree restaurant at InterContinental Singapore.

The Planet Trekkers menu will be available at all the InterContinental Hotels around the world by the end of 2014.

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The Ices Watermelon Popsicles are sweet and refreshing – and excellent way to get some fruit into little ones. The best part is there’s no added sugar or water!

If you would like your kids to try out the Planet Trekkers menu why not plan a Staycation at the InterContinental Singapore or head over to the Olive Tree restaurant for a scrumptious meal.

You can call the InterContinental Singapore on 6338 7600 to make a reservation. 

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Written by

Minoli Almeida

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